Day 72

Ships Log Day 72.

LOL! I have always wanted to have one of those. But I’m not on a ship.

I am going to go backwards a little.

I started reading the Bible.

No. I am not some kind of religious freak. But I guess if you are going to really start questioning what you believe in during a pandemic seems like a fantastic opportunity.

This all started over Easter. I have a Covid Buddy. You know a friend that you have been seeing the whole time, it’s like you live with them, but you don’t, but you know you are safe around them because you are also the only person that they have seen. Anyway….

My friend came over on Easter to have a couple of drinks and we started talking about religion. Turns out she is significantly more religious than I am. We had some very interesting and deep conversations that I may share in a later post. End result was she sent me a YouTube video of a sermon. Took me 3 days to actually watch it. It was an hour long and the guy was reminding me of the crazy internet church people. It was all about “Crazy Faith” Which I still don’t have.

The main thing I got from that sermon was this;

Hope turns into Faith which turns into Believe.

I can wrap my head around that. Now, I was still on the fence with is this whole God being real, or are we all being duped by our own stupidity and insecurities?

So my youngest has a strong belief in God (Don’t know how that happened). I asked him why he believes in God. His answer;

“Mom, I want there to be a heaven. I hope that when I die I can  be with you in heaven.”

This kinda blew my mind. It went right with the sermon. He Hoped it, which gave him Faith in it, which made him believe. WHAT?!?!?!?!

So I decided that if I am going to be the crazy cynical person that I am about all of this. I might as well start doing my homework. How can I judge a book I’ve never read. Coming from an avid reader that seems insane. So I started reading The New American Bible Revised Edition by; (Presumably) God.

I started reading it like it was a fantasy book. Let me tell you….

It reads like a fantasy book. Not to say that it is so obvious that everything is fake, but like a really good fantasy book. Where you are like, Holy Shit! This could actually happen. Yes people really are that fucked up. *Getting their father drunk and then sleeping with him so that you have a pure blood line of kids* Jeeze!

So yeah, I’m loving it! I suggest it to all of my fans of reading! Even if you don’t believe. I figure what the hell, I believe in Dragons & Garden Gnomes, how far off is God from that?

Happy Reading people. Maybe one day I will also share my crazy theory on religion.



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Quarantine Day 1,000,000

Ok it’s actually day 71. It just feels like forever. I have had really good days and really bad days. I’m in between today.

I have been kicking myself for not doing this sooner. If for no other reason than having the ability to look back on this years from now and see how I made it through.

I come across, I think, as an introvert, but I am not! I want to be surrounded by people. I love large crowds. I want to have random conversations with strangers. I want to go out to eat. I want to sit at a bar with my girls. I want to go out with my family. I want to give and get hugs! I LOVE hugs! I want to meet new people and have long deep conversations over a glass of whiskey in a dark corner. I want to go out and not wear a mask!

This past week has been getting back to normal. I had my in-laws over for memorial day. There where a whole 3 extra people in my house. I’m not going to lie, it was exhausting. It was also amazing! Like a rainbow after a storm. I have decided to start thinking of life like it is normal again. I know that it’s not. Don’t get me wrong. I know that Covid – 19 is dangerous and we need to make sure that it doesn’t have a resurgence. But I’m not scared. I am willing to restart life with new precautions. I have been one of the people that isn’t leaving their house. Well, except for the 2 meetings a month (a meeting of 3 people, always the same 3 people including me) and the supermarket. I haven’t seen anyone new. I have been refusing to go out and see my friends. My family and I have been having zoom happy hours. I took this very seriously.

Now it is time to crawl out of the hole. It is time to start actually social distancing. Not social isolating. I started with my tiny BBQ yesterday.  My girls and I are starting out Friday coffees again this week. There are only 5 of us and we will be sitting outside. Hopefully we can get take out from our favorite local coffee shop! Because Lord knows NJ may never open. Stupid freaking Governor. Things need to restart. I find myself walking around my house just aimlessly staring at things. This is so bad for the human psyche. We are not meant to be isolated like this. I truly believe that we are actually weakening our immune systems by isolating ourselves so much.

So let’s get out. No scratch that. Do whatever you are comfortable doing.

I’m going to get & I’m going to love it!


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