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#5 Someplace that I have never been, but would like to live.

Entry #5I am giving up on the dates. It seems impossible to have time to write everyday.
Somewhere I have never been but would like to live.
For a short period of time, I would pick one of three very non specific places. It would either be New Zealand, Ireland, or Switzerland. Three places that I would absolutely love to visit. 

It would need it to be a place that forces me to slow down. Somewhere that I could disconnect from all of the stressful things in my life and refocus on what really matters. 

My newly found time would be spent reading, writing, and spending more time outdoors. A small village, a hut in the woods, something like that would be perfect.

There would have to be lots of chances for outdoor craziness. Hang gliding, climbing, trails, zip lines, horses, maybe some sky diving or bungee jumping. I need more adventure in my life. “I want to see Mountains again” quote from Lord of the Rings. 

Also, living in a small town for 10 years has taught me to value my anonymity. Which here I don’t have. So I’d like to live somewhere that no one knows who I am. However, still in a small town. So I guess I’ll have to leave after they all know me, since I’m not really good at flying under the radar. Or stick with the hut in the middle of the woods idea. You can’t imagine how appealing that sounds.

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November 4th

November 4th:I got stuck on this one. 😕 Don’t look at a calendar. Don’t judge!

10 interesting facts about yourself

1. I find Egyptology fascinating! The stories of the people and the royalty. Their religious beliefs. The architecture, statues, and art work. It’s all so amazing! 
2. The phrase “I live in my own little world, but it’s ok, they like me here.” Is fact for me. I treat other’s the way I would like to be treated, even when they don’t deserve it. I believe that there is no such thing as a last chance. There is good in everyone and everything. You just have to be willing to look for it.
3. My right arm is permanently branded by a waffle iron. I used to work at Perkins. While walking through the kitchen one day I slipped and caught myself on a hot waffle iron. Roughly 20 years later, and possibly for the rest of my life, I have the image of a round waffle on my arm. Fun times people. Fun times.
4. I intend to become a vampire and never die. 🙂
5. If I could read every book ever written I would.
6. I could watch sappy Christmas movies all year round!
7. When I grow up I want to be Nicole Curtis from the HGTV show “Rehab Addict”. And she stole my phrase about old buildings saying “make me beautiful again!”.
8. I really want to believe in God. However, every time I start questioning everything and I realize that it doesn’t make any sense. And unfortunately it is the most taboo topic and I can’t get anyone to talk to me about it. Except the Jehovah’s Witnesses. And even they have decided that I’m a lost cause. 
9. I cry every time the Star Spangled Banned is sung. I can’t help it. I love being an American.
10. I want desperately to run away from home and live on a permanent adventure in nature. Not like Eat Pray Love. More like The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings meets Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. 
11. (I know it says 10 but deal with it! It took me 3 days to think up things that everyone doesn’t already know about me) My biggest regret in life, which I plan to rectify, is that I didn’t finish college. This makes me feel like an unworthy human being every single day. It’s my kryptonite. 

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November 3rd : First Love/First Kiss

I did not like this one. 😦 Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

November 3rd – First Love/First Kiss

I feel like answering this question is going against everything from November 1st’s entry.

So I am skipping the walk down memory lane.

What I would like to say instead is how much I love my life right now. My husband….what can I say about that infuriating wonderful man? He is my rock. Through all of the physical drama that I have had to deal with he has been there for me. I know that it has been difficult. I make nothing easy. And when there is something wrong with your significant other it feels like there is something wrong with you. Me being diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease has been very rough. I have always been the rock. Now I’m the soft squishy one that needs at least one couch day a month, sometimes two. Rich has stepped up to this challenge.

But my life is not all this disease. I am involved with quite a few fantastic things. When I need my husband, who has a very demanding job, two actually, he is always there for me. Watching the kids because I have meetings, cooking dinner, cleaning the house. I literally can count on him for anything. I have a partner in this world. A real honest to god partner. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to have been able to hold on to him.

So sure there was a first love. And it was great. As all first loves when you are a teenager are. But I have a family now. I have two beautiful, smart children and a husband that would do anything for me. I don’t need to look back. I’m too busy living in the moment and enjoying what is right in front of me.

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Day 2 : Your First Memory

November 2nd – Your First Memory

This is an entry that would have to be prefaced by the fact that I have a very active imagination. You know the “I caught a fish THIS BIG” situation? Well, my memories have a tendency to become quite grandiose. Sometimes they are not even my memories. They are stories that my family has told me about me that are now emblazoned in my brain as my personally experienced memories. SO I’m not sure if this is really my memory, or a story about me, or a picture of me that I saw and gave it a story.

Possibly not real Story: 🙂

It was my first winter. I was months (don’t know how many) old. I was wearing a pink head to toe snow suite. I also had mittens and a hat on. I have no idea what they looked like. My parents had just finished shoveling the driveway, so there were giant snow piles on the sides. Someone picked me up and put me in one of these piles of snow. It was right next to the garage under the beautiful (although dormant at the time) cherry blossom tree. I remember looking up from the snow. It was just walls of snow all around me. I fit all the way into the pile. My head didn’t even peak out of the top. I had to look straight up to see anything other than snow. I have no idea what I was thinking or feeling (because like I said this was probably a picture). However, I swear that I can still see that sky at the top of the snow walls. Possibly my first adventure!

Definitely real scarred for life story:

My first day of Kindergarten. I was attending the same catholic school as my older brother and sister. The bus ride was a serious disappointment. My sister and brother were always talking about their cubbies and where they hung up their jackets and book bags. I had never been on a bus before. So here I was expecting some kind of Night Bus, Harry Potter esc (and this is before Harry Potter, I just figured it helped with the visual) situation. There would be cubbies and different sections for each grade on this bus. Talk about a disappointment when I found that it was just horrible green benches and I had to sit with my sister. I have mentioned my large imagination though right? But what scarred me for life was my outfit. Yes I’m a girl and I have girl moments. This is catholic school. I had to wear a forest green jumper with a plaid pattern in yellow and some dark color that I can’t remember, blue?. My mother bought me pink and white saddle shoes. PINK! My dress was forest green! I am still embarrassed about it. Of course it is entirely possible that she tried to talk me out of it at the store and I threw a fit ant said No I HAVE to have the PINK! Now that I’m a parent I totally see this in a new light. 🙂

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November 1st : 5 Problems with Social Media

Ok so I realize that I have kind of abandoned my blog. Let’s call it writer’s block. I do have great things to report health wise. But one of my friends challenged me to a November writing challenge. Where we have to write something every day. I accepted thinking; hey this is a great way to get back into the swing of things. So far, so good.  This is my first installment. I hope that you enjoy. I promise a blog about my new found sight, that will be beyond mind blowing :), is on it’s way.

Five problems with Social Media

  1. When you are friends with your boss on FB and he doesn’t know that you are hunting for a new job but your real world friends do and they post “Good Luck on your Interview today!” I guess it’s a good thing that you were interviewing. Because now you really need to.
  2. That picture that you took on vacation that you posted without realizing that it made you look like a porn star! Enough said!
  3. Ex boyfriends who take your friendliness as more than “ I really hate you but I am an adult now and there for will treat you with the respect that all human beings deserve.” And what they really hear is “I’m still in love with you.” And then there posts or comments on your posts wreak havoc on your marriage. UHG! Unfriend them!!!!
  4. For people in the political world. Anything. Anything other than shaking hands with people making a difference to better humanity. Those pictures showing off your extravagant vacation/car/house….. not good. Those religious comments…. Not good. Being friends with anyone of the opposite sex that is not your husband…. Um….. you may not actually be having an affair but these people will make up anything that sounds sensational and will hurt your next campaign. Oh and avoid all bridge type scenarios. 🙂

Ok do we really need more than that? So far you are a Porn Star that lost your job and burned down your political career and are now in the process of a divorce. I may delete my FB account now. 🙂 oh wait.

  1. And maybe the most important. You have kids. You post pictures of these beautiful fun loving creatures. You are stupid enough to put your address, the address of their schools, on your page. You are also stupid enough to have your page open to anyone that wants to troll it. Some sicko finds your page and starts stalking your kids. I don’t want to go further. Let’s all use our imaginations here. Or not. I want to be able to sleep at night and be able to let me kids out of my site for at least school. 🙂

I say all of these things because I am playing devil’s advocate. I am clearly on FB and having no problems. You just need to be smart about what you post and who you talk to and for gods sake people keep your security near and dear to your heart!

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