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Small annoyances

I’ve decided that typing might be good for my brain. Maybe if I keep using that group of nerves that are apparently exposed now, they won’t forget how to function. My right hand still feels heavy when I use it for things that require thought. Unlike say the picking up of my wine glass at dinner last night. I had now problems with that.

I do have a question for other MSers though. Is dehydration an issue for anyone else? If I don’t consume at least 4 glasses of water a day my symptoms are worse and I wake up the next day with a headache. My biggest problem with this is that I hate water. I am forcing myself to get used to it. I am a coffee drinker. As in the only thing that I drink is coffee. Well except when it’s wine. Now however, not only do I have to drink water, but every time that I drink coffee, I have to make sure that I have another glass of water to compensate for that. So as far as I am concerned this has become another unfortunate and frustrating side to this damn disease.


Posted by on December 4, 2011 in Life with MS


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