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3 days till Vacation!!!!

I have been shooting for 4 miles a day and almost making it every day. But since tomorrow is the last weigh in day before vacation I shot for 5. But Instead if being just under I did a little over 6! Yeah! I have to say that my kids are being serious troopers. I get a little bit of “my legs hurt” “I can’t move any more”. But I am finding that the key to keeping the kids happy on a long walk is to make it interesting. So I find trails in parks. They do get disappointed when there are no playgrounds in the park. Noah asked me today how they can consider it a park if there is no playground. Poor misguided child.

I find some very interesting things on my walk. Today I was in a park that we refer to as “the mount” and the trees were so tall. I have been to the mount before and not noticed it. This time, maybe because my in-laws are vacationing by the Redwood Forests in California, I was very impressed by their height. I love old trees. And mushrooms. I have been finding many interesting mushrooms.

I have also found that a way to make a long walk endurable for me is to make sure that it includes a coffee shop! Not always easy. I have had to resort to a 7 eleven a couple of times. But the 7 eleven isn’t that bad. It’s next to a lake that is inhabited by swans. I say that that makes it coffee with a view. : )

Tonight is date night with the hubby. We got ridiculously expensive tickets to a Phillies game. So my mom took the kids. I’m excited. They are supposed to be very good seats and I love going to baseball games. Sometimes this political crap isn’t too bad. Sometimes (ok I think that this is the first) we get perks. I just wish that I could take advantage of the no kids and sleep in tomorrow. I’m dreaming of a lazy cup of coffee on my deck at say 9. Because even though it’s summer the little rug rats decide it’s time for me to feed them around 8 and jump on me in bed. : ( But no dream coffee for me. I have a 9:30 meeting in Freehold. So up at 7 again.

I am happy to say that it has been almost a month since I have taken the Celexa. The only difference that I have found is that I feel very tightly wound. Like I could snap at any moment. I try to stay calm, but I find myself yelling at the kids more often. I have little to no patients. However after I go for a walk I feel much more calm. I think I am going to have to reincorporate some Yoga. ….. Maybe after vacation. : )

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