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In the Tube Again

MRI yesterday went smoothly. Some of the people at the imaging center have a serious lack in bed-side manners. Maybe I’m just expecting too much from people again. Golden Rule and what not. For some reason when they put the IV in for the contrast I got this horrible taste in my mouth. The only other time that has happened is when I had the solu-medrol infusions. I thought that it was the solu-medrol that had done it. Now I’m wondering… Makes me unhappy to not know exactly what’s going on.

I did remember my socks this time. It barely helped though. It is so cold in there. Next time I’ll bring the fuzzy socks. 🙂 At least they didn’t ask me every 5 seconds how I was doing. I think that I may have fallen asleep this time. I remember mentally being on a cruise and then “You did good, we’re all done”. I did have time before that daydream, and while trying to get used to the random beeping and clunking noises, to ponder what other people think of while they are in that tube. That would be fascinating. I think that people should share those stories.

Now I wait. I haven’t heard from my doc yet. I wasn’t really expecting to hear back this soon, but it would have been nice. Hopefully this week. I know that he is busy and honestly it doesn’t matter either way, but it would be nice to know.

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