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Needle Free!

Free at last

Free at last

Oh thank god I’m free at last!




Ok so I’m a little excited about not having a needle in my hand anymore. 🙂

Taking it out was a little bit nerve racking. But I did it. I just have to keep reminding myself that just because the needle is out that doesn’t mean that the drugs aren’t still coursing through my veins.

I took a nice long shower, where I got to use 2 hands! You don’t realize how precious that is until you can’t do it.

They have me taking a pill form of the steroids for the next couple of days. It’s to wean myself off of a habit forming drug. I can totally see why it is habit forming though. I feel so energized! I have for most of the weekend. Ok so the whole time except when I wanted to pass out. It comes and goes. But it is no shock to me that people have issues with it. Not that I am going to. I still have a rather strong hatred of meds of any kind.

I am excited that I get to start working out again tomorrow. I gained 3 pounds this weekend. I know that they say you will gain weight with Solu-Medrol, but Jeeze! So yeah that will be gone as soon as possible. I’m hoping that it’s just because I’ve been pumping my body full of liquids. Hopefully the pills don’t add to the situation.

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1 Less Hand Grenade

Well day 2 mostly down. Today has been very easy. I have been tired, but other than that fine.

Last night was like a nightmare however.

They say not to drink alcohol while on Solu-medrol. I am here to tell you that you should heed their warning. It is no joke!

All I had was one glass of wine and I felt horrible. I started to have bands on numbness on both arms. It started soon after the wine and ended somewhere around 2am. It wasn’t just numbness either. Towards the end of the night it started feeling like I had long gloves on that were about 5 sizes too small. Like I was being squeezed relentlessly. I did not enjoy this.

Then there was the headache. That was really bad. And of course I made it worse by not taking anything until it was way later than it needed to be. I was so nervous about mixing my new momentary drugs (more the Heparin than the Solu-Medrol) with my Imitrex that I didn’t take it until about 5 hours into the headache. So that didn’t go away until about 3am. And then for some reason I couldn’t even sleep after it was gone. I was just lying there staring at the ceiling. I kept telling myself that I was comfortable I should be sleeping now. It didn’t matter. I did manage to rebuild my entire house in my head though. AH, the things I would do if I won the lottery. 🙂

Then this afternoon, since I didn’t sleep last night, I tried to take a nap. That didn’t work either. I just lay there. Comfortable and with my eyes closed, but no sleeping.

So that leads me to this question: Is Insomnia a side effect of Solu-Medrol? And if it is, is it ok for me to take some kind of a sleeping aid? Because if I go one more night without sleep it’s not going to be pretty. I fear for all who will have to associate with me.


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New Tech

I am really excited about the new tech! There is no longer the bag hung from an IV pole that you have to sit in one place and wait an hour for it to be done. The meds come in a little ball. They told me this over the phone and I was a little scared at first. What? Do I have to squeeze the ball to administer the meds? That was freaking me out a little bit. And last night, when they finally showed up at 9:30, the little balls look like hand grenades. lol!

The hook-up is also significantly easier. Instead of having to have the nurse come back all three days I can just do it myself. I will admit that this is making me feel a little bit self empowered. 🙂 Like if I can do this then for some reason all is right in the world. Let me give you the quick and thank goodness, not so dirty of it all.

Obviously I had to have to nurse come and start the IV. That is something that I don’t think that I am willing to do. Maybe if push came to shove. I am getting much more comfortable with needles. Eeek! But for now I will let someone else stick the needle in my vein. So that part is easy. Just don’t watch and it’s a piece of cake.

She let me do everything else.

Swap the end of the tube with an alcohol swab, attach the saline solution, push that through.

Then all you have to do is attach the ball. It screws on. Super easy. No mixing meds, no regulating the speed of the drip. I don’t even have to sit in one position the whole time. I could walk around and do things. AWESOME! I wish that they would do this for the Tysabri. The little ball squeezes the medicine out all by itself. Then there is a little plastic doohickey that regulates the speed. I bet that there is some complicated name for it too.

Now you just wait your hour.

Side Effects: well instantly I can tell you that I got very nauseous. Have chips or something! Also I got very tired. Which makes you think “Hey maybe you should just be sitting on the couch anyway,” But of course I didn’t. Maybe tomorrow. Otherwise I’ve got nothing. Lasting side effects I don’t know. I will reiterate what I always say. Having an IV in your hand hurts. It is more painful than anywhere else. I’m not sure why. It has nothing to do with the initial needle input. It’s while the meds are running through your vein. My arm actually started hurting up to my elbow. But I figured that if it was in my left hand then I could still do things like shower. Yeah! I do enjoy being clean. 🙂 Oh and there is the inevitable bad taste in your mouth. Love that.

Then after the hour is up you flush it again with Saline and then a syringe of Heparin.  I actually need to do the Heparin again before bed to make sure that my vein doesn’t clog up and I have to call the nurse back to start a new IV.

Last time this was so scary. With the medicine mixing and the whole drip system. I thought that Rich was going to kill me. This time I can do it all myself and it’s all plug and go. I love technology. My only concern now is that I have to take out the IV myself. I’m a little bit nervous about that.

Ok resting time if over. Time to go get some stuff done. 🙂


That’s me holding my little ball of meds. 🙂



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