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Colors and Detail oh my!

I have failed at my 30 day writing challenge. 

Things got a little intense here in my town. I let small people’s opinions of me matter. There has been great growth and valuable lessons learned though. When you are in a position that puts you in the public eye there is always going to be someone that will dislike what you are doing. You need to roll with this and keep doing the good that you are attempting to do.

So that said, I am going to try to pick up the writing challenge again. But first I wanted to talk about my health. It has been AWESOME! And not so awesome.

My contact. Even though there are days that I forget to put it on, I love it. I can not stress enough how it has changed my life. 

The day that I finally got my correct lens was amazing! I had no idea that so many colors exist in the world. Or that everything has so much detail.

I had lunch that day at my in-laws house. They live in the middle of the woods. I had no idea that there were so many trees! And the different shades of green! Leaves! I have never been able to see all of the different leaves! And were you aware that clouds have definition? The things that I didn’t even realize that I couldn’t see that were now right in front of me was astounding! I was just a little bit excited. 🙂

Fast forward to my vacation to Disney world a few weeks later. 3D! Oh my goodness! Have you people seen this?!? Sure I’ve been to 3D movies before. I was never impressed. I always thought that people were exaggerating seeing things fly at them. Please people. But now I can see it too! If I could have spent my whole trip just doing 3D rides over and over again I would have. The people around me must have thought that I lived under a rock. With my “can you believe this? Those things were actually flying at us! And I swear I could touch Donald! (From the middle of the theatre).” Mickey’s philharmagic and Star Tours were my favorite! And Fireworks! Did I mention Fireworks?!?

On the flip side; wearing my contact wreaks havoc with my brain. Talk about over stimulation. So the boat is back to rocking on a regular occasion. 
The last couple of months have been a lot for me. It was all of course worth it, with all of the holiday events. My body gave up on me though. The day after Christmas, after showering, I walked into my room to get something. 2 hours later I woke up. 😦 I slept for the next 3 days. 

I had my yearly MRI right before Christmas. Those results should be coming in soon. I’m sure they will say that I have no new lesions. Yet a significant amount of the old ones are active. I keep having nightmares that they are going to put me back on solumedrol. You know all I really need is some rest. Not more drugs. So I’m continuing to take advantage of my week off. Praying that by the end I can comfortably get back to work. Here’s to dreaming!

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3 months ago I was told by my ophthalmologist to try a new contact lens instead of having a corneal transplant.
I was less than thrilled. Having tried hard contacts a few years earlier with not fantastic results, I did not want to go down that road again.
Back then the problem was that the improvement to my vision was not good enough to make me forget about the amount of pain that I was in. The doc informed me that these new lenses, the Scleral lens, was larger and there for less painful. I did not believe him. Having the surgery was also supposed to be cutting the virus out of my eye. Right now it sits dormant waiting to pounce once again. It was very exciting to me to find out that I could just cut it out and be done with it.
I love that idea! Oh, there is something wrong with you? Let’s just cut it out and you’ll be right as rain. This is why I was hoping that my diagnosis 4 years ago was a brain tumor and not MS. An operable brain tumor, I should clarify that. There is no cutting out MS though. Apparently there is no cutting out this virus either.
I finally bit the bullet and had an appointment with the contact doc. Actually I have to say that during the appointment he felt much more like a sales person than a doctor.
The nurse checked my vision. 20/40 in my good eye and 20/240 in the other. It doesn’t seem as bad as that makes it sound. Since legal blindness is 20/200. My left eye compensates a lot.
The doc comes in and starts talking about a contact for my left eye. I stopped him and was like, hey doc, that’s the good eye. Let’s leave it alone and deal with the other one. To which he tells me that the test that I just took says otherwise but he was begrudgingly willing to agree to disagree. This did not make me like him. Of course I already didn’t like him because he was the one pushing the glass of pain.
So he sent me to try a lens on. That was entertaining. It took me about 20 tries to finally get it in my eye. The lens is freaking huge! It covers most of your eye, whites included. I had to use a special suction cup to get it on. Then my vision was worse. Much worse. There was a prescription on the lens. Which clearly was not my prescription. After managing my way back down the hall they checked my vision again. This time they had that large black piece of equipment in front of me so that they could try different prescriptions. They turned the white box on and had me start reading lines of letters. I read down to the 20/30 line. I was impressed with myself that I got one better than last time. Especially since he had been trying to push a contact on my left eye.
But then they told me that they had the left eye blacked out. I was only looking at the white box with my right eye.
you mean to tell me that I could read actual letters with my right eye?!?!??? I could not contain my shock. I am still having a hard time believing this. Not only could I see, but I could see better than with me left eye!!!!
I was like, order one. Order one now!!!!
Let’s add to that the fact that there was next to no discomfort. No pain at all! I could tell that it was there. I felt almost like an itchy sensation close to the bridge of my nose. But otherwise no pain. I was/am thrilled. I can’t wait to actually get the lens and start wearing it.
Of course, the virus is still there. Unfortunately it was never a 100% guarantee that the surgery would cut it out anyway. So I am going to agree with my original doctor that this is definitely the better, less invasive way to handle it right now. I am still always shocked when I agree with my docs. In this case I am very pleasantly surprised. Right now I am hoping that my Christmas present will be being able to see!!!!!

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