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Random thoughts of a scattered mind

So I have been appointed chairperson of PTA Membership. It’s official. I’m a mom. A PTA mom. All I need now is a soccer mom van and I’m good to go. I never saw myself as this person. But…. I’m embracing it as much as my psyche will allow. So I am kicking a little bit of ass! : ) Anyway, my gripe this morning is this; who staples money to paper?!? My son’s principal. That’s who. WoW! I’m just going to go with “it was his secretary.”. It helps me keep my confidence in the school.

I watched “Becoming Jane”. Yesterday. Twice actually. Once while the kids were in school and once when I was waiting for Rich to come home from a planning board meeting so that we could watch “the dome”. All of that was useless knowledge. Sorry.
How have I missed this movie? It was fantastic. I love the mental voice of Jane Austen and was so impressed with Kevin Hood and Sara Williams for keeping it so true to form. I would love to actually read the letters that Jane wrote that inspired this movie. I’m still all mentally wrapped up in Jane’s loss. I wrote more to the ending in my head.
Tom’s wife is dead. I don’t know/care why. And Jane never got married. So now the two of them can finally be together. I like when they leave it open for our own interpretation of what could happen. Like “Castaway”. Good Stuff.

But now that my mind is back in that movie I can’t remember my other random thoughts. So quick note about me. I know that you are on the edge of your seat. : )

I’m back in the chair. Headaches have been a disaster this season. And my favorite nurse isn’t here today. So the needle is back in the hand. I don’t know why that annoys my so much.

I went to a fundraiser this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. They had a Chinese auction and my table won a ridiculous amount of prizes. But what was very interesting for me was what I learned. The fundraiser was for Scleroderma. My friends mother died from this last year. And it happened very fast. I had no idea what this was. I just assumed that it was some form of cancer. Shows how ignorant I can be. It’s actually an auto-immune disease. Much like MS. So it really kinda hit home for me. I am so glad that they have so many friends and family to surround them with support.

Alright I’m done rambling. Hopefully I’ll write again before I’m back here in my big comfy chair. But really people, is there any better time to blog?

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