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Work in Progress

That’s me, a work in progress. I really need to get much better at being a politician’s wife. I actually don’t like saying it like that anymore. But I’m not quite sure what to label it.  Maybe it’s just my overall people skills that are lacking.

We went to a lovely Veterans’ dinner on Saturday night. This is the second year that we have attended this dinner. I will say that last year’s was a little bit nicer. There were more speakers and I really enjoy hearing their stories. This year we only had one speaker, who did a fantastic job. But everybody else was just introduced, and had their picture taken. What can you do? It was still a very nice event. The food was great, the company was great and for some reason I get a real kick out of the fact that the HS ROTC kids run the show.

Anyway, none of that was the point. The point is that I was sitting with a group of people that I apparently wasn’t even paying attention to. We were engaged in conversation the whole night. We all managed to win a bottle of wine. Yeah! It really was a lot of fun. Well on Monday morning I walked into school to drop off Noah and one of the teacher’s stopped me and said “Hi.”, like somehow we now knew each other and asked how my evening was. I said that it was fine and asked how she was. It was a polite but short conversation. And I have to say that I had no idea who the hell she was. I know that I had met her that weekend but when? My weekends have become a blur of events and I know I met her at one of them but which one? Who was she? I tried using what she said as a clue. “How was my evening?” Implying that earlier in the day we had spent time together. What totally screwed me up though was that not only did we have the Vet dinner on Saturday night but after that we went to a Halloween function in town where I met some of the people running for Freeholder in New Jersey as well as random town people. Then on Sunday I spend all day at a Maritime Museum with a group of other people from our town. So she could have been anybody. My poor brain can’t handle all of this information.

Well it wasn’t until now, this morning, that I remembered. She sat at our table at the Vet dinner. How could I forget that? We spent three hours talking and laughing. I still have no idea what her name is. I only vaguely remember her telling me that she was a teacher. I did happen to note that she does not live in our town. Maybe that’s why I dismissed the information of her name when it was given. I am so horrible.

Moving forward I really need to be more genuine in my conversations with people. I need to pay more attention to what they are actually saying and not thing of a thousand other things at the same time. Try to at least keep their names in my memory bank. Well I will try. Not surprisingly I’m going to have LOTS of times to practice.

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