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Cognitive Dysfunction

I am a fan, or whatever you call it, of the National MS Society on Face Book. I liked their page and so I get updates from them on my news feed multiple times a day. I like this because it keeps me up to date with new meds coming down the pike, blogs by people that have MS that I haven’t read before, articles about homeopathic things that I can do to live a normal life, really just lots of great info. This morning they posted a survey for us MSers to take. It was about cognitive function. I don’t like to think about that being an issue, but I have to admit that it is absolutely my biggest “symptom”.

My biggest problem is that I lose track of time. In kind of a big way. Not in a small way. I always remember the day to day things. Like pick up the kids or hey it’s dinner time and some people need to eat. But the week to week stuff, or worse the month to month stuff is just slipping through the cracks. I didn’t even realize that we were in April. I was going over a schedule with a friend this morning and she’s talking about dates and days and I’m like, no that’s a Tuesday, not a Saturday. That’s when I realized that I was a month behind. UGH!

This is especially frustrating when you are arranging plans for big (well big for me) things. Like next weekend I have a team for an MS walk. Yes I sent out info a month ago but forgot to follow up. I kept thinking to myself, oh I’ve got lots of time. I’ll do it tomorrow when I’m feeling better. Or when I’m not as busy. Although I have to say, I have no idea what I have been busy doing. I just feel like I’m always busy these days. Or I’m not busy, and I just don’t realize that the day has passed me by. I’m counting today by coffee cups. I’ve had three.

Back to the walk. All the sudden it’s next weekend. AH! I’ve raised a quarter of what I did last year. Which is really sad. My husband managed to get the team shirts donated by a very generous company. So that is finally taken care of. Design picked out, shirt sizes figured out and ordered. Why did this all seem so much easier last year? Physically I also have not been preparing. Last year by now I was walking about 6 miles a day. This year I have just started and am having a hard time with 3. Sunday is going to be rough. I certainly won’t be running it like last year. I’m going to have to put my competitiveness in my back pocket and walk with the kids. Yuck! (Love my kids, just love them, don’t want to walk as slow as them though.) So with the realization of how soon it is I sent out my feelers this past weekend. More money is coming in, more people have signed up to walk with me, and like I said the shirts are ordered and should be in Thursday, Friday at the latest. So yeah! That’s done and ready. I just have to deal with the slow walking crap. I’ll live.

Then I realized that I have nothing planned for this summer yet. I haven’t even started planning my Mother’s Day Brunch or Noah’s birthday party. It is very hard for someone who plans the hell out of things to start forgetting to plan things at all.

This is where my iPhone is going to come in handy. It will send me reminders when I need to do things. I just have to not push them back and say, nay I’ll do it later. Because later seems to not be happening. Also I need to remember to put it in my calendar in the first place. I wonder if there’s an app that will just remind me to get my shit together?!?!?

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4th Infusion

A week before my next infusion and besides the usual I feel great! I figure that it’s about time that I write about my last infusion though. Not really much to report about it. I didn’t have any allergic reaction. They say that now I’m pretty much in the clear for that. Which is great. No more panic attacks for me. Also I don’t have to stay for an extra hour after they unhook me. Now it’s only 15 minutes and I’m out the door.

I am very thankful that I took notes. Without them I don’t remember any of it.

So as per my notes;

It was very cold last time. Next week should be more interesting. At least during the winter I am prepared for it to be cold. I have a sweater and jeans on and my all-important fuzzy socks. But next week I’ll be wearing my spring attire. This will most likely be a sleeveless shirt and flip flops. I’ll see how that goes. Maybe I’ll bring the fuzzy socks.

One thing that is becoming regular and very annoying is the energy draining. I had the same feeling as last time with this. Half way through I felt overwhelmingly tired. I am very glad that afterwards I only have to drive a couple of blocks to my moms. Then I get to rest for a couple of hours. Let someone else make dinner, then drive home.

Last month entertainment wise, I learned some valuable lessons. First off, stop getting a Venti coffee on my way. Being forced to sit for 2 hours (i.e. no bathroom breaks) after a coffee that size is not good. 😦 So going for a Grande next week. Also, I remembered a little trick that I used to use in college. If you want to read a book but are surrounded by other people making noise, drown them out. I plugged in my classical music with my ear buds and read my book. It was very enjoyable. Being able to read undisturbed definitely helps kill the time for me. Of course I still love the interruptions of e-mails and words with friends, but I cuddle up very well with a good book.

On a side note, I am starting a team for a walk. Nothing huge. Just a 5 mile walk. I can’t wait to see where we go. The one that I am doing starts at the hospital. I can’t imagine where we will walk, but hopefully it’s not just around the parking lot a couple of times. My team name is “Mastering rough Seas”. Just came up with that today. I thought that given the symptoms that I have had (and still have) that that was appropriate. Plus I got to do a play on the whole MS acronym. I’ll post a link to my team page as soon as I make one. 🙂

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