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Colors and Detail oh my!

I have failed at my 30 day writing challenge. 

Things got a little intense here in my town. I let small people’s opinions of me matter. There has been great growth and valuable lessons learned though. When you are in a position that puts you in the public eye there is always going to be someone that will dislike what you are doing. You need to roll with this and keep doing the good that you are attempting to do.

So that said, I am going to try to pick up the writing challenge again. But first I wanted to talk about my health. It has been AWESOME! And not so awesome.

My contact. Even though there are days that I forget to put it on, I love it. I can not stress enough how it has changed my life. 

The day that I finally got my correct lens was amazing! I had no idea that so many colors exist in the world. Or that everything has so much detail.

I had lunch that day at my in-laws house. They live in the middle of the woods. I had no idea that there were so many trees! And the different shades of green! Leaves! I have never been able to see all of the different leaves! And were you aware that clouds have definition? The things that I didn’t even realize that I couldn’t see that were now right in front of me was astounding! I was just a little bit excited. 🙂

Fast forward to my vacation to Disney world a few weeks later. 3D! Oh my goodness! Have you people seen this?!? Sure I’ve been to 3D movies before. I was never impressed. I always thought that people were exaggerating seeing things fly at them. Please people. But now I can see it too! If I could have spent my whole trip just doing 3D rides over and over again I would have. The people around me must have thought that I lived under a rock. With my “can you believe this? Those things were actually flying at us! And I swear I could touch Donald! (From the middle of the theatre).” Mickey’s philharmagic and Star Tours were my favorite! And Fireworks! Did I mention Fireworks?!?

On the flip side; wearing my contact wreaks havoc with my brain. Talk about over stimulation. So the boat is back to rocking on a regular occasion. 
The last couple of months have been a lot for me. It was all of course worth it, with all of the holiday events. My body gave up on me though. The day after Christmas, after showering, I walked into my room to get something. 2 hours later I woke up. 😦 I slept for the next 3 days. 

I had my yearly MRI right before Christmas. Those results should be coming in soon. I’m sure they will say that I have no new lesions. Yet a significant amount of the old ones are active. I keep having nightmares that they are going to put me back on solumedrol. You know all I really need is some rest. Not more drugs. So I’m continuing to take advantage of my week off. Praying that by the end I can comfortably get back to work. Here’s to dreaming!

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Today is MRI number I can’t remember anymore.
I know that already existing lesions have been active recently. I often have a hard time finding the right word, or stringing a sentence together in the right order. My pinky and ring finger on my left hand are partially numb as well as the top layer of skin leading up to my left elbow from said fingers. I shake uncontrollably when I’m cold. Probably the least of my issues is my left foot not always lifting up as far as I expect it to. I’ve had these issues for 3 years though. So I’m used to them. I am just hoping that this MRI turns up with no new lesions. I already lost my ability to fly. I’d hate to loose my ability to read minds. (Gray matter lesions)
My oldest is with me today. He is “home” sick. He got to go to my last infusion too. I’m slowly educating him on the crap that I have to go through. I wish he didn’t have a sick mom. But I need him to realize that it’s not that bad, and I’m ok. Today I didn’t bring him on purpose. He really is home sick, poor kid. But I guess this is probably good for him. He doesn’t seem to be fazed by medical things. No freaking out at needles or anything. Just let the doctors do there job. It’s good that he’s strong like that for the future. Plus he’s getting in some mad reading time! 🙂

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MRI results are in

I have what people are telling me is good news. It doesn’t feel like good news. But I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

I had my follow up with the Neuro on Monday. My left hand is still a little weak. The doc was very happy about the strength returning to my left foot though. My MRI showed no new lesions on my brain but still showed an old lesion on my cervical spine. He saw this as great news. That means that the Tysabri is working. He was very disheartened when he noticed that I was having problems. Join the club right? So Tysabri is still the super star. He told me that the old lesion that is at this moment still causing problems is in the T4 region. I nodded and pretended that I knew what that meant. When I got home I jumped on the computer to find out. T4 is the 4th vertebra down. The nerves in that area control all muscles from the abdomen and up. Which means it could not have been what was affecting my leg/foot. However it is what is affecting my left hand. That area also controls your  Bronchial Tubes, Common Duct, Gallbladder, Heart, and Lungs. So I guess that I should take solace in the fact that it didn’t affect any of those things. Maybe this is why I start feeling like I am having a panic attack when I am not panicking. But leave it to me to have a lesion in one of the few places that could actually kill me.

I know I know. Don’t stress. I can hear my husband yelling at me in my head.

Now, while the Neuro didn’t out and out say it, I believe that this lesion started acting up again because of stress.

I also now know that unless they did an MRI of my lower spine (the lumbar section) they wouldn’t know about my leg/foot. I bet that if they did that MRI they would find a nice big lesion in the L5 region. I guess that since the lesion was obvious without looking at my spine, why bother. It’s not like they can do anything about it anyway.

I still have the numbness on my arm, hand, leg, and foot. And the weakness in my hand and foot. It’s funny that the longer you are having the problem the easier it is to explain. At the Nuero’s when they had me explain how I was feeling I explained it so much better than last time that they wanted to know if I was having new numbness. I said no, I’ve mentioned it before. I’m just not panicky and cloudy right now. I like not being panicky and cloudy. It makes the world a nicer and easier place to be in. It’s frustrating that all it takes is the kids to upset me, ok anyone really, and I’m back in the cloud.

So yeah oh fun! All of this sounds like fantastic news doesn’t it?

I haven’t gotten the blood test back yet. They said that when it’s a study that is testing it, then it takes longer to come back. It could be another month. I’m not happy about that. Honestly though, it won’t make a difference. Now that I know that I don’t have any new lesions I’m not switching drugs. So if it comes back positive. I’ll just have them monitor my levels of antibodies. I’ll just have to make sure I am on top of my research about the JC Virus and what I should be looking out for. I am hopeful however that my results will come back negative and I won’t have to worry about any of this yet.

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Updated MRI News

December 2012 infusion down. I got the results from my most recent MRI. I guess it’s good news. I now have concrete proof that it is the MS that is making my left hand so tired. Possibly the reason for my left foot as well. I have a hard time believing that one though. How can one lesion effect both a foot and a hand? They are on the same side of the body,maybe that is why. It seems like more research is needed for me to figure it out.

If I haven’t made it obvious already, there is another plaque. Not new, just the first time that we are seeing it. They said that it is no longer active, but the damage is done and visible. Yeah! Just what I wanted to hear.

Turns out that Tysabri does not completely seal your blood-brain barrier. It only mostly seals it. So some of your immune system can still get in. And with just this some coming through I am still getting lesions, which is freaking me out.

I am taking solace in the fact that all my pieces are still moving. Some times sluggishly, but not numb. I am not happy about the brain fogginess though. It was so bad the other day that I forgot how to turn on the windshield wipers in my Jeep. Something that is second nature for me, and I couldn’t figure it out! I probably should have taken that as a big neon sign saying “You Shouldn’t be Driving!” But I didn’t.

One of my childhood neighbors passed away Friday. He was the one that also had MS. It is really sad that he is gone but I have to wonder if it is better for him and his wife, who was also his caregiver. He’s not in pain anymore. Unfortunately his MS was so bad that he could barely move. Alyssa, his wife, said that he is probably running around in heaven right now. I hope that she is right. I couldn’t help but see a little relief in her eyes. It can’t be easy to have to care for someone that you love so dearly who is so incapable of doing anything themselves and because of that is in so much emotional pain.

Total side note;
Not that I don’t think that it is awesome that there are children that have kicked Cancer’s butt, but every time I see one of those little kids holding up a sign I want to post a picture of me holding up a sign saying that my MRI shows that I still have MS activity.

I know, I know, that’s mean spirited. I’m just so sick of it already!

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Done Waiting

Ok, I think that I have been very patient. It wasn’t easy, but I waited. Having respect for the fact that they might be very busy. But now I’m done. I will be calling my Nero tomorrow to get my results from the latest MRI. They had better have them. I am going with the thought process that if there were more lesions then they would have called already. I have even higher hopes now. 😦
On the Insanity front I’m doing pretty well. Today was day 16. Yesterday was the second fit test and I did better in all 8 areas. I was very proud. 🙂 Of course I am nervous about tomorrow. It’s total cardio (45 min of no breaks, kick your ass cardio) and then cardio abs (only 15 min, and a lot like my Pilates class, so not so bad). Someone asked me today what I was going to do after Insanity. I haven’t really thought about that yet. But conveniently I leave for vacation a week after the last day. 🙂

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I admit it! I am one of the least patient people in the world. I want things done Now! This rarely ever happens of course, but that doesn’t change my irrational expectation.

My question to the online community… And really I ask because I’m just being too lazy to look it up myself… Is there a class that I can take to read my own MRI? Of course there’s a class. But I mean just one class. Just one that will make it so that I can tell wether or not there are lesions. I would love to take that class. Here I sit with the CD that has all of the pictures of my brain on it, but I can’t read it. So instead I wait for the doctors office to call and tell me. Of course they are taking their sweet time with it. It wouldn’t be any fun if say, the tech at the MRI location could just tell me. No. Like 5 people have to read it first and then have their secretary call me to let me know. GGGGRRRRR!!!!

All of this while in the back of my mind I’m saying “if it’s bad news just don’t tell me.” I have entered a happy bubble state. *maybe that’s the Celexa* I don’t feel as good as pre diagnosis but it’s as close as I think I’ll ever get. So I’m happy. I’ll be really pissed if they change that!

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Clean MRI?!?!?!?

In the waiting room, waiting (lol) for my next MRI. I am really hoping that this one comes back clean. I haven’t had a good one since diagnosis. I have been feeling really good recently. So there is a really good chance that this will go well. I’m trying really hard not to count my chickens though. I don’t want the fall to be too far if this just shows more sclerosis.
Positive thoughts Janet! Positive thoughts.

On a different topic;
I hit a snag with the exercising. It was completely my fault. With all of the work that I have been doing I became disheartened that the scale hasn’t been moving. So I stopped doing everything but the walking. I used the fact that it was infusion week as an excuse but that wasn’t it. Well maybe it played a small part. 🙂
Not to worry though. I am back to it. 3 miles today and when I get home from this it will be day 8 of Insanity. I am trying to take solace in the fact that I look different and friends are shocked when I tell them what that stupid scale says. And as strange as it was, i loved the fact that one of Rich’s friends response to me saying “I’m even wearing 4 inch heals for Rich tonight” at his campaign fundraiser was “I know I’ve been checking you out from across the room.” I know a little creepy, but Yeah! At the same time. I felt invincible for the rest of the night. So pushing hard again. Hopefully I can keep this up once the kids get out of school. Only a week and a half left. Help!

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