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Day 2 : Your First Memory

November 2nd – Your First Memory

This is an entry that would have to be prefaced by the fact that I have a very active imagination. You know the “I caught a fish THIS BIG” situation? Well, my memories have a tendency to become quite grandiose. Sometimes they are not even my memories. They are stories that my family has told me about me that are now emblazoned in my brain as my personally experienced memories. SO I’m not sure if this is really my memory, or a story about me, or a picture of me that I saw and gave it a story.

Possibly not real Story: 🙂

It was my first winter. I was months (don’t know how many) old. I was wearing a pink head to toe snow suite. I also had mittens and a hat on. I have no idea what they looked like. My parents had just finished shoveling the driveway, so there were giant snow piles on the sides. Someone picked me up and put me in one of these piles of snow. It was right next to the garage under the beautiful (although dormant at the time) cherry blossom tree. I remember looking up from the snow. It was just walls of snow all around me. I fit all the way into the pile. My head didn’t even peak out of the top. I had to look straight up to see anything other than snow. I have no idea what I was thinking or feeling (because like I said this was probably a picture). However, I swear that I can still see that sky at the top of the snow walls. Possibly my first adventure!

Definitely real scarred for life story:

My first day of Kindergarten. I was attending the same catholic school as my older brother and sister. The bus ride was a serious disappointment. My sister and brother were always talking about their cubbies and where they hung up their jackets and book bags. I had never been on a bus before. So here I was expecting some kind of Night Bus, Harry Potter esc (and this is before Harry Potter, I just figured it helped with the visual) situation. There would be cubbies and different sections for each grade on this bus. Talk about a disappointment when I found that it was just horrible green benches and I had to sit with my sister. I have mentioned my large imagination though right? But what scarred me for life was my outfit. Yes I’m a girl and I have girl moments. This is catholic school. I had to wear a forest green jumper with a plaid pattern in yellow and some dark color that I can’t remember, blue?. My mother bought me pink and white saddle shoes. PINK! My dress was forest green! I am still embarrassed about it. Of course it is entirely possible that she tried to talk me out of it at the store and I threw a fit ant said No I HAVE to have the PINK! Now that I’m a parent I totally see this in a new light. 🙂

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