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Clash of Kings by: George R. R. Martin


Clash of Kings is the thrilling continuation of Martin’s series “A Song of Ice and Fire”. Like in the first book, if you try to assume what is going to happen next you will most likely be wrong. It’s as if Martin sat there and said, oh the logical and expected path would be this…. So….. Let’s do this instead. Not the opposite mind you, just the totally unexpected. 

While reading this series I feel like I am continually in this world. The separate books run so smoothly together it is as if they were one. And this book ended as if you were going to turn the page to the next chapter. I am very happy that I don’t have to wait for Martin to write the next one. I just need to run out and buy it. 

Tyrion Lannister is my favorite character. I love his whit! I keep secretly hoping that he will switch sides and join forces with the Starks. Or maybe side with Daenerys and her dragons. Love her too. Her strength when the world seems against her is impressive. One of my favorite parts of this book was when she went through the Palace of Dust. How many times do people need to try to kill this woman? Talk about having 9 lives. But Tyrion is such a good villain that when I want his side to lose I also want him to win. How can such an awesomely thought out plan fail? I would lose all faith in him. So of course he must win! But at what cost?

Then of course there are Arya Stark and John Snow. Arya is such a spit fire little girl. I really hope that her adventures don’t get her killed any time soon. I love reading about her sneakiness and her water dancing. 

By the end of this book John is set on a new and interesting path. There is now a whole new world that we get to see and be part of. Many times I thought that John had seen his last days. His story line in this book is like reading a scary ghost story. Haha! Pun intended. 🙂

There is of course one story line that drove me up the wall. The whole time I was like WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? I just wanted to jump in the book and shake Theon Grejoy. What an ass! Bran and his band of misfits were too smart for him though. The wolf dreams and ingenuity saved the day again. For a very broken little boy he may yet make a very interesting character. 

I am very interested to see how this progresses. Will these very different worlds collide? I’m assuming so, but when and how? And who will be on what side?

Winter is coming. 🙂

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A Game of Thrones by: George R. R. Martin

If you are looking for a runaway train type of book, this is it.

This is one of the best books that I have read in a while.

At first I was very skeptical. I have found that most of these things that gather a following of young people, based off of the show/movie not the book do not hold much interest for me.  Follow that with the fact that in the beginning every chapter is introducing a new character and you have me not wanting to read it. However, many well-meaning people urged me to continue reading.

So, yes, every chapter is written by a different person. This does not hurt the continuity of the story line. If anything, it adds depth. You are seeing the story unfold from many different viewpoints. There were times while reading that I seriously considered skipping a couple of chapters until I got back to say, Dany’s view/story line. Don’t do this. There are things that happen to the other characters while you are away from, said character, that affect that person’s story line as well. If ever reading a book was like watching a movie this one is. It is as if everything is happening in real time and you can’t miss a second. Nobody stands still while the other is moving forward.

There are a couple of different paths that the story is winding down simultaneously, but all seem to meld into each other in a crazy harmonious way. It is baffling to me the different charts that Martin must have had to try to keep everything together.

While reading this book I made the mistake of starting to feel comfortable with the progression of the story. Mentally looking ahead and working out what is probably going to come next. I was always wrong. There were multiple times that I was taken aback. With heartfelt “No that can’t really have happened”. There must be some kind of trick or sorcery or something and in the next chapter we will find that it was just a ruse. It was not. There are other times where I was just gaping in astonishment. I believe that in the last chapter as I finished the last sentence, I actually said out loud “Oh Shit!”. Because people it is that good, and shocking, and you just won’t believe it.

Of course now I can’t wait to read book two. I also plan to watch season one of the tv series. I just hope that it doesn’t ruin the book for me.

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