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Flip Flop Dilemma

I learned something new and disturbing today. When you have the whole Flipper Syndrome “Foot Drop” thing it is much much harder to walk in flip flops.

I never really put a lot of thought into how my foot functions in any type of shoe. Then I wore flip flops today. I was excited to be wearing them again so early. After the last snow that we had I am ready for spring. It was a perfect end to winter. There was just enough snow to cover all of the trees, grass, and sidewalks. Actually, the snow covered everything except the streets. So it was beautiful and still safe to drive. That is one of the best types of snow. I put it right up there next to getting feet of snow. Then it is lots of fun to play in and you don’t/can’t drive due to the state freaking out and calling a state of emergency.

But, back to Flip Flops.

The mechanics of a flip flop are such that it is your toes keeping them on your feet. You flex your toes with every step. Thankfully my flipper issue isn’t so bad that I couldn’t do this at all. It is just bad enough that it took so much energy to do this that I was totally exhausted half way through the day. Stairs turned out to be the hardest endeavor. Flexing the toes just to walk was enough. With stairs I found the hardest part being that not only do you need to flex them enough to be able to take a step, but now you have to also flex them enough to get the bottom of the shoe over the lip if the stair. In hindsight I probably should have just lifted my leg up higher. But I just thought of that now. Just in time to walk up the three flights to pick my son up from CCD.

Now I’m left with a dilemma. Do I buy the cute new flip flops that I saw in the store today? Or forgo the flip flops all together now that I have issues? : /


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