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Fine Motor Skill Exercises

While typing and writing more often seemed to help my right hand, my left is now as bad as my right was. Worse possibly, since I have officially started dropping things. 😦 So I asked Kelly, my sister-in-law/OT, if she could give me some exercises. She gave me a putty, called theraputty (I have the red one), and a resistance band.

My exercises:

  1. On a flat service roll the putty into a long cylinder going from the edge of your palm to the tip of your fingers. Then, once you have a nice fat cylinder, pinch it together with your thumb and then each figure individually. Repeat a couple of times using both hands.
  2. Also once rolled, form the putty into a tight ring. Just big enough to squeeze the tips of 5 fingers through. Then using those fingers spread the putty into a larger ring. So far when I do this one my ring finger does absolutely no work. 😦
  3. Take the ball of putty and using only your fingers pull apart, smush back together, and pull apart.
  4. Wrap the resistance band around one hand, resting that arm on a table so that only your hand and wrist hang over the side. Then with your other hand hold the band down so that there is no slack. Then using only your wrist lift your hand. Repeat in the opposite direction and in the opposite hand. She said that it is more important to hold the resistance for a longer time than it is to do more reps.

These sound really easy to do, but my hands are exhausted afterwards. These are supposed to strengthen the muscles in your hand and wrist, which will not stop the problem, but hopefully make it easier to deal with.

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Another Party Down

I made it through my party with flying colors. Last year I left most of the work up to Rich. And my mom, dad and mother-in-law. They all kind of pitched in when they realized that I wasn’t up for the task. The best thing to do would probably have been to not have had the party last year. But it’s becoming a tradition so we trudged on. This year however, I was my usual cheerful hostess self. We had too much food, as usual, and I spend too much time in the kitchen, as usual, but it was a blast. I think that everyone kind of realized that I was doing better, because they all stayed much later than they usually do. My brother even slept over, which was really nice. That meant that I got to spend some more time with his new puppy. Rich is opposed to pets so I have to live vicariously through John and his puppy. Of course it is now going to cost me a fortune to restock my liquor cabinet, because they finished almost everything. And I have tons of leftovers. But at 1am I was still walking in a straight line and having coherent conversations. 🙂 Go Me!

Now today is the cookie making party at the in-laws’. Best part of the day is going to be my new hand exercises. My sister-in-law is an OT and did some research for me. So now I will have more than just typing to help my fingers to continue to move in the right direction.

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