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I made it fine through the weekend, but now I’m exhausted again. I’m finding that while yes physical activity and heat are exhausting, what affects me the worst is emotion things. Stress, we will call it stress. I always get yelled at by the people close to me that I let things bother me too much. And honest, I get over it pretty quick, that is besides the little nuggets that I always remember. I have a bad habit of holding grudges. I don’t like when people are unnecessarily nasty to other people though. So today I made the mistake of reading a couple of posts on FB. People can be so petty some times. And yes, these are useless things. Things that tomorrow, not even the people who were debating them online, will remember. But I was doing great until I read their drama.

So right now while I have some down time, with one kid still in school and the other one sleeping, I am going to do some wash and play some Warcraft. The insane cleaning that I need to do will wait a little while. Not to mention the Christmas shopping, that NO, I didn’t get to finish yesterday. Stupid hour and a half line for Santa!

Oh and tiny nugget of the day:

Do not roll your eyes at me when I mention that I have MS! Jeesh!

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All Over

Such a disappointment.

On one hand I am very happy to not have any damage. On the other hand I can’t believe that I didn’t even lose any branches. I have seen thunderstorms that were more impressive than Irene. Apparently my town is flooded though. Something like a foot of water on the “main” streets. I may go for a drive later; right now I’m just staying out of the way.

Last night was exciting. We were in a tornado watch for about 2 hours. I found a really great site that was helping pin point where they were. I also joined a stream on FB where people were posting tornado sightings and flooding spots with some pictures. There were times when we were literally surrounded by tornadoes, but none actually came near us. I have mixed feelings about that. I am loving the police scanner app that I found for my iphone though. We fell asleep listening to that and channel 12 online. After the tornadoes went away, there really wasn’t much to keep us awake.

The good news here, besides the no damage, is that I can turn the sprinklers off for the rest of the week. Yeah, lower water bill!

One piece of information that I can’t believe I forgot, the weather channel is not the way to go. Watch either your local news or CNN. I learned this back when Katrina rolled through. I was glued to the tv then seeing as my best friend lived there and New Orleans happens to be my favorite city in the world. The weather channel wasn’t giving out any pertinent information, but CNN seemed to know everything that was going on and keeping us up to date on the news. Same situation with Irene. Although when you are actually in it the police scanner and local news were the best choice. But it will probably be another 50, 60 years before we need any of that information again. Our storms in the winter are more fun. With something like this we could have gotten 2 feet of snow. The boys and I would have enjoyed that immensely.  

I hope that everyone stayed safe and those of you that were displaced can go back home today. My brother and his family live in Hoboken and I know that that is flooded right now, I’m glad that they got out, but I fear for his motorcycle in the below ground level garage. Hopefully all is well. Stay safe out there everybody.


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