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Oh no! I hope I didn’t loose you by saying that awful word. Sometimes it sounds worse than cursing.

I’m not sure why we make that word feel so heavy. Like it is attached to everything that we hate to do.

So I am going to say that I just moved more. Significantly more.

But I am not going to chew your ear off about the awesome activities that I have been doing. : )
Instead I thought that I would share the benefits of it.

I stopped taking my Celexa! Yeah! I know that you are supposed to ween yourself off and what not. In my defense though it started as an accident. I left my meds at mom’s. 4 days later I’m back at my mom’s meds in hand. Then I stop.

“Why am I taking this?”

I know why I used to take it. But I feel great. The only reason that I started taking it was because my Neuro said that it would help with the fatigue so I would have more energy. Well last year proved that that wasn’t true. Then I kept taking it because I know first hand that when you stop cold turkey you turn into a royal bitch. Well I did. Then I started having anxiety. So I was actually asked if I would like to up my dose of Celexa. I said No. Emphatically No!

Then last week I really started moving a lot more. It was definitely forced on me. Right now I am on kind of a stay-cation.
(I actually hate that term. There is no such thing as a vacation where you don’t change your surroundings. You are all fooling yourselves. But I did change my surroundings. I’m at my parent’s house. So maybe I can consider it a real vacation?)

Well my mom is like the energizer bunny. Never stops moving. And while she understands if I am too tired to do something she will definitely push me to try.

Since right now I am sitting at the hospital waiting to be hooked up last week was not what I would have considered a great week to start moving more. But move more I did.

It started begrudgingly. But after my first act of moving (kayaking to be specific) I felt amazing. I got to my mom’s on Monday morning dragged the kids to swimming lessons ( where they did great by the way) and I felt like crap. I of course did not share this news. Then my mom informed we that we were taking the little ones kayaking. I was not thrilled. Be she seemed so adamant about going and so excited to take the little ones, who have never been, that I couldn’t talk her out of it.

Well I have to tell you that when I got back (we had a blast by the way. My little bear is awesome!) I felt great! I felt like I had energy and I was in a good mood. Like a complete 180 from that morning.

I took that experience and repeated it every day. Not the kayaking, but other things. And had the same result every time. It’s like the new super drug! Who new! And it is unfailing. So far it has worked every time!

So this is my advice;
If you feel like crap, for whatever reason, go do something. I don’t mean in your house. Go out. Take a walk, go to the park. Anything. Just get moving. All though I do think that a big part of it is being outside. Not positive about that, but an exercise (not that word again!) tape at home just doesn’t sound the same.


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Exercise too much?

I never thought that I would hear anybody say that to me. Too Little, that would make more sense. Not at all used to be the truth. But now it’s Too Much? Jeeze. I can’t win.

Once I started feeling better after starting Tysabri I started going back to the gym. Now I’m only talking like 3 times a week, on a good week. Then the weather got nicer I said to myself, hmm wouldn’t it be nice to go for a long walk. So I started walking to pick Noah up from school. Which turned into me making sure I hit 2 to 3 miles a day. Except weekends. I’m a lazy shit on weekends.

So now it’s the gym 3 times a week and walking 2 to 3 miles a day. Then my sister asked if I wanted to join a Pilates class with her on Monday nights. So I thought, sure what the hell, Rich is usually at town meetings on Mondays.  It will give me something to do.

So now it’s gym 3 times a week, walking 2 to 3 miles a day and Pilates once a week. Then one of the moms at school peeked my interest about Hot Yoga classes. I know with MS what the hell am I doing taking Hot Yoga classes? But I love Yoga, so I figured; hey I’ll try almost anything once. Now I’m addicted. I love it!!!

Ok so the walking and the gym are suffering a little. It’s now about 2 miles a day, gym when I can squeeze it in, 60 minutes of Hot Yoga until my 10 day trial runs out and Pilates on Mondays. Yeah I guess that sounds like a lot.

Now Rich wants to start doing Insanity. Actually he is on day 2 and still alive. Go him! Since I am now getting in trouble for doing too much I am going to wait until my trial for Hot Yoga runs out and then start my 60 days on Insanity. I’m actually really excited about it.

Turns out that Exercise it like drugs. Once you start, you get hooked. I feel like I need to do it now. I love that muscle pain after a good work out. The fact that when I move now, I can feel my muscles. Hell the fact that I can actually see my muscles now!

I had my appointment with my brain doc today. I was told that Hot Yoga was a bad idea. I’m ignoring him for now. Or at least for the next 10 days. I don’t think that he likes me much. I do all of my own research and have a mind of my own. You would think that a doctor would appreciate a patient that cares enough about themselves to do the research. But hey I’m wrong all the time so… I was sent for another MRI to make sure that there isn’t any more activity and that the Tysabri is actually working. I was also given a script for a blood test to make sure that my body hasn’t started producing antibodies to the Tysabri. That would suck. Like the army attacking me has infiltrated my new defenses. I feel like there are spies that are constantly just a step behind me and then take me over. I’d be REALLY pissed if that is the case. I guess we will see. Staying positive, I feel great and all of my pieces are working! Yeah!

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