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Not ready for round 2 yet.

I refuse to admit that I have been doing too much!
I love being busy. Every day that I don’t have something to do is like torture.
That being said, the brain is starting to revolt. It’s just the normal fatigue/dizziness/left arm and leg weakness. But I think that I have to take today off. So as much as I miss my friend John and love his fireworks and the party that he throws every year I am sitting this one out. : (
Last night was wonderful! My husband ran the fireworks display in my town. He did a very good job. The town hasn’t had fireworks in many years. So being able to bring it back was a lot of fun and I think that everyone really enjoyed it.
Tomorrow is yet another party at the in-laws. I have every intention of drinking wine and floating in the pool all day! I can’t see how my brain could have a problem with that.
I hope everyone is keeping cool out there and enjoying there weekend!

Oh and can’t forget the big Wimbledon Men’s Final tomorrow. I don’t know who I want to win more! I love Djokovic more definitely, but Murray is a Brit. He so deserves to win at The All England Club that half of me wants to see it happen. The other half of me wants to see Djokovic bury everyone he plays. So I guess it will be a good match either way. Everyone keep your TVs tuned to ESPN2!

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