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Day ? I don’t know I have already lost count!

I’m still going strong baby! Really excited about that!

Let’s see where did I leave you? Ah who cares right? No one wants to hear a day by day of my summer.

I did go to the Crayola Factory with my kids…. And my sister’s kids….. and my aunt and 87 year old grandmother….. and my 12 year old cousin. But that’s not what made it a crazy day. It was a rainy day so every kid for miles around was there. It was a ridiculous mad house. I am so very, very thankful that my eyes are all better. My advice to the world at large is that if you are having eye problems, like say an upbeat nystagmus (or probably any direction) or Optic Neuritis, avoid the Crayola Factory like the plague! All 4 floors are a riot of bright colors (shocker). And the amount of people, there is no break. Not even on the benches against the wall that you have to fight to sit on. I will admit to having a couple of verbal confrontations with other moms, and grandmoms. Since a 90+ year old hag cut my son in line after we were waiting a half hour. You know I can deal with the routy kids. The obnoxious parents are another thing all together.

“You know what Lady, we have all been waiting in line a long time. When did God come down and say that it was time for you to jump in front of us all and go first?”

Yeah I don’t handle other parents well at all.

For those of you without any eye problems and are capable of being civil, I whole heartedly recommend the Crayola Factory. I actually think it’s called The Crayola Experience. It was very cool. There was a chance for the kids to be creative on every floor. We made our own crayons and markers and a whole bunch of little art pieces. We had a blast. Also the town that it is in Easton, PA is really neat. Book stores (of course that’s the first thing that I noticed) right next to coffee shops. Not Starbucks mind you, but honest to god coffee shops. Love it! And then for those of you that that is not enough for, there are museums and such. I wish that we had more time to spend there than just an afternoon. Maybe another time.

Last night’s fireworks were canceled due to rain. Made me very sad. It was the fireworks show at the vineyard. They were so cool last year. Tonight is the 4th of July Party at a family friends. We are very excited. Everyone except Tyler who would be happy sitting on his computer all day. : ( We will force the fun on him. He really has no choice.

On the MS front I am doing fantastic. I got my blood results back. No JC Virus antibodies. No Tysabri antibodies. So all is full steam ahead for my meds. I have been seriously thinking about adding another doc to my repertoire. I don’t love my Neuro. I love that he knows what he is talking about and that he has the Tysabri infusion center. But his bed side manners ugh! He has a pill for everything. Tired? I have a pill for that. Anxiety? I have a pill for that. Having troubles remembering things? I have a pill for that. AAAHHHHH!!!!! So I found another doc who will hopefully be able to actually listen to me. She specializes in Lyme’s Disease. A lot of the symptoms with Lyme’s mimic the symptoms of MS. So my newest issue of having Anxiety attacks, when I have no reason to have anxiety, she knows what to do with. Also I am hoping that she will take me off of the happy pills. I like being happy. But I would like a better way of managing the debris floating around in my brain that makes me sad. I’m excited to go see her. I can’t wait until the anxiety attacks go away. It feels like you are having a heart attack. You can’t breathe. You feel like something is sitting on your chest. It is absolutely debilitating.

Alright, I feel I have probably talked enough for one day. I hope that everyone in the states enjoys their Independence Day/weekend.


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