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Sweet Masterpiece

Sweet Masterpiece by Connie Shelton is a cozy little mystery. I downloaded this book for free off of BookBub. 

As Cozy Mysteries go, it was not bad. It was slow. The romance part felt lacking in actual feeling to me. I did not get into it or feel anything towards the characters. The main character is a baker. She owns her own company and makes cakes and cupcakes. I think that was my favorite part of the book. Her daughter remains a complete mystery. Her story line is definitely missing things and has the potential to be very interesting.

The mystery was good in the fact that at the very end when we find out the “who done it”, I was surprised. It was someone that was barely a character in the book at all. Interesting twist.

The magic was practically non existent. It is possible that, since this is the first of the series, they were simply introducing a magical artifact. Because other than being able to be more productive, and seeing plant dust, this object did nothing. They did not go into the strange way that it was found. Or it’s origins. No back story at all. And with how it was introduced a back story could have written itself. This was very disappointing to me. It is also the only reason that I will be reading book 2 of the series. Hopefully the magic will actually exist in that one and the romance will be more engaging and the mystery will be more fast paced. 

I always have high hopes though. I’ll keep you posted. 

I give this one a 2.5 out of 10.

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Anna Kendrick “Scrappy Little Nobody”

I was pleasantly surprised by this book.

Having watched some of Anna’s Vlogs on YouTube I expected her book to be funny. That’s why I picked it up in the first place. But to have had to look words up because I had never heard them before was awesome! Sad. But awesome! I’m not sure if it’s because authors dumb their writing down now, or I am just not picking very smart books to read. 😦 This hasn’t happened to me in years though. It’s also possible that it is because she is in a creative arts environment that uses different words then the tech world that I live in. But I don’t think that is the case. My father, who prides himself on knowing an exorbitant amount of words would be horrified. There were at least 3 that, even though you can figure out because of the context, I looked up because I was excited about them. Like finding a new path in a forest or a new book at the store. For example “quixotic”. Which means, exceedingly idealistic, or unrealistic and impractical. I should know this word!!!!! This is how absolutely ALL of my ideas are. They are quixotic. Which is also a crazy fun word to say. How did I go 37 years without knowing this word? I feel like I should use it way more often. Maybe I’ll change the name of my blog to “The Quixotic wonderings of an MS girl.” Of course I try to keep my crazy schemes to myself or the other crazy people that I know that might actually help follow through with one of them. I love those people! Just say it with me now.


Don’t you feel better now?

Then there was how comfortably she talked about other famous actors.

Like after she told us the story of feeling guilty for sneaking in to see the movie Iron man and then following it with this, “…when I found myself at dinner with Jon Favreau and Robert Downy Jr. a year later, I confessed my crime and insisted on giving them cash or buying them something on the menu of commensurate value.” That was crazy to me. Yeah I had dinner with Iron Man, no biggie. I loved this!

When she refers to herself as a Scrappy Little Nobody I think that she absolutely believes that. Of course she is not! But she has an antisocial way of thinking, or writing about her thoughts, that is very endearing. I think that if I ever met her in person I would never walk up to her and say “Hi. Love your work.” But after reading her book it is hard to not feel like you have somehow become friends. It helps that at the end she keeps making comments like “I can say this, we are friends now.” Like we were having a conversation, or went out for drinks. Not that we just read her Autobiography.

When I mentioned to my older brother that I was reading this book his comment was “She’s like 12, what could she possibly have to say about life already?”

A lot! The answer is a lot. I hope that she takes the traditional route and writes another one when she is way older. Plus I feel that if more people wrote books when they were this young then Auto/Biographies would be much more entertaining.

Final assessment, 5 out of 5. Definitely worth picking up and reading!

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