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The brain is not working well enough to string together a well written blog. So today is a grouping of random thoughts.

– I am so excited and happy these days! For multiple reasons
A. My eye surgery is getting closer!!!!!
B. It’s almost my birthday! (Next Sunday)
C. I get to celebrate my birthday multiple times!!!!!
D. I have gotten back a friend that I thought that I lost! 🙂
E. Liver and Kidneys are still working!
So see, all around good things.

– my husband did that ALS bucket challenge. I told him that he could have his fun with his video but at the end of the day he was donating too. He did. But he took it a step further. He also posted on FB against all of the bucket challenge nay-sayers. Explaining how important it is to bring awareness about the disease. He then spoke about me and MS. Talking about how MS treatments only came out about 15 years ago. And how much different my life would be with out them. *thank you Tysabri!*
I thought that that was really sweet of him.

– I got a good nurse today. 🙂 🙂 🙂 So no month long black and blue.

– my sister-in-law and her boyfriend are taking my boys and I to the movies today. We are going to see Guardians of the Galaxy. It was not on my “must see” list, but Chris (sister-in-law’s boyfriend) was horrified that my boys haven’t seen it yet. So off to the movies we go. Look forward to that review.
I’m also a book review behind. Damn awesome summer activities keep getting in the way. 🙂

Alright now I’m off to loose myself in “A Clash of Kings”.

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