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Sleepwalker by: Karen Robards

I have to preface this review with why I read it to begin with, because it definitely tainted my opinion.

My sister gave this book to me as her proof that there were books like 50 shades before 50 shades. Which obviously I already knew because of the sleeping beauty series. Plus I believe that any book that is under the umbrella of “Harlequin” is like 50 shades. Also I’d like to point out that I did not challenge her with this. I think that she was just getting sick of all the hype that it was getting. She read the first book and was so upset with how poorly Anna was treated by Grey that she didn’t understand why anyone would read books 2 and 3. I however could not start a series and not finish.

So that said here is my review.

What a fantastic beach book! It is fast passed and full of danger. Not full of things that will make you blush while reading in a crowded place. There is one, ok two I guess, but really only one noteworthy blush worthy passage. It was while they were hiding overnight in the hunting box. They were freezing and had to share a sleeping bag. Combine that with the knowledge that Mick was still scantily clad in her PJs. I’d say use your imagination from that, but you may be disappointed when you actually read the passage. Or my imagination just runs a little wild. : ) That was it the only attempt though.

For me, this book was a page turner. At any minute they may have gotten caught, tortured, and then killed, by none other than a close family friend, but who knows something seriously steamy could also happen at any minute. The two main characters had that volatile of a connection. I love connections like that. They only happen once or twice in a lifetime and they really make great characters for books/movies. So if you are looking for a book like 50 shades, this may not be it. Especially since the female main character is kick ass. She would have kicked Grey’s ass to the curb in the middle of book one. I loved this main character. All though at the end of the book, and I see this as a failing on her part, she totally abandoned her beliefs and moved to the tiny island with a criminal. I don’t know, I guess that it is just a very gray world (meaning that things are not always black and white, not anything about 50 shades). Although sometimes I wouldn’t mind the later.

On a beach book, definitely soft cover, does not need to stay in my library until the end of days, scale I give this one 5 stars. An E-reader must have. I guess that’s the recommendation that I have for this one. I would read it and then sell it to a used book store, if you can find any still in existence, and then get another one. Probably another one by Robards. This is the first by her that I have read though. So I guess I’ll keep you posted with that. I really love my strong female characters. And of course the threat of death and dismemberment at every turn certainly doesn’t hurt. : )

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