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Beauty’s Punishment by: Anne Rice

This is book two in Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Series. I found this book significantly more enjoyable than the first. I believe that that is because in the first book “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” Beauty is fighting what is happening to her. And who wouldn’t? Oh I should note that, if you are not familiar, these are erotica books. I know that even on the newly published Beauty Series books it says that these books are like 50 Shades. They are not. These books are no excuses literary porn. There is no crazy twisted love story. No one out to save the poor Damsel in Distress. This is more like what my kids say all the time “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”. LoL It pisses me off when they say that but for this series it is so appropriate.

The reason I enjoyed this book more than the first one is because Beauty enjoyed it more. If that makes any sense. I didn’t feel like she needed to be sticking up for herself or fighting back. She accepted what was happening to her almost like she was in a drunken haze. Like she really was the prized possession of “The Captain”.  It was total abandon. To just go with the flow like that, to just let yourself enjoy these unspeakable, yet pleasurable moments. That in itself is pure ecstasy.

The book starts with a cart ride to the dreaded Village. Everything in the last book as well as the beginning of this one made it sound like the village is a horrible place where the most horrific things will happen to you. In fact, the village seemed to make more sense than the castle. In the village to be treated like this was so common that it was easy to not find fault with it. It was just the way of life. To the point where you would actually feel bad for the people who weren’t slaves. How did they get their enjoyment? They had to pay for it and only received it on occasion. While the slaves were in a constant state of … (pleasure?). Also in the village it was not uncommon for the “Masters” to relieve their captures torment. Or allow someone, or something else to do it for them. At the castle there was no release only constant torment. I can imagine that most of the slaves preferred the village to the castle once there.

I was so enthralled with the Beauty story that I actually got upset when they switched it over to Tristan’s point of view. Who took a little bit longer to find comfort in his new life.

On Tristan; I would love it if he would grow a pair. The crying has to stop. And falling in love with his “captor”.  Please. That seemed a little ridiculous to me. I love that Beauty comes out as the stronger character, but I was really expecting Tristan to what? Fight more? Understand that he was being used? Ah, I guess it is perfect the way that it is written. 🙂 There were other things in the Place of Public Punishment that I was sad to find that they were not forced to do. I can’t believe I have changed my mind about this book so much. But it seemed less like torture and more like they actually enjoyed everything. Making it much more enjoyable to read.

At the end of the book the story takes yet another turn. One for the better? I don’t know this one was quit enthralling. But we are now thrown into an even more mysterious land where it seems anything can happen. Where Anne seems to get even more daring with her veracious appetite.

I find myself drawn to the book store to buy book three. Unfortunately that will have to wait a little. My sister is on a mission to prove to me that there were books like 50 shades before 50 shades. So on to the next one that she has given me. I’ll share my findings of that book.

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Let me paint a picture

Let me paint a picture

This week has not been kind to me. Tuesday was my infusion, fine. I usually bounce back pretty quick. But Monday I got a cold. A cold that feels like the flu.
😦 I was afraid that I would have a high temp at my infusion time and they would send me home. Lucky for me I barely ever get fevers. So a healthy 98.5 I got hooked up. Huge sigh of relief. The usual fatigue ensued. On Wednesday I had pre-arraigned plans to go Kayaking with my oldest and my mom. So tired or not I went. I seem to run out of summer days so fast, I didn’t want to miss any. So then I practically spent the rest of the week in bed. The cold got much worse and I was sapped of all energy. I did manage to get some things done for my little ones b-day party on Sunday. He is having a monster party. 🙂 & 😦 at the same time. For some reason I keep picking themes that don’t exist. So I have to make everything. Well this week was not conducive to party craft time. I’d like to thank Shawn White for having a brand of room decor that is cute blue monsters with 8 eyes on skateboards. I’m sure that he didn’t make them for Monster themed parties, but the giant blue monster wall clings look awesome in my living room! I did manage to make 6 monsters out of glittery foam sheets. They are really cute. I’ll share a picture at the end of this. But I am trailing off topic. So me, practically chained to my bed, I finished 50 shades of Grey. It was a good Romance book. I call it a romance because while yes there were note worthy hot steamy parts, they were not the huge chunk of the book that people would lead you to believe. It was more about the “love?” story between the two main characters. So as I said in my last post, if you go into this book with the mind set that it is a romance, like a harlequin, than it’s great. But it definitely did not deserve the hype that it got. I don’t think that I would have labeled this an erotica novel. But I don’t rate books, so hey what can you do?
Ok back to the monsters here is my creativity for the week:

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