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A 4th to Remember

Last night was the kind of 4th celebration that memories are made of. A vineyard near me threw a Fireworks Festival. They had a large track size oval of grass surrounding grape vines. As you entered they put an American Flag bracelet on everyone over 21 and handed them a complimentary wine glass with the Winery’s logo on it. An actual glass, glass. After picking the perfect spot for your blanket and chairs, for us it was right in front of the stage for the band, you could take your wine glass and go on a wine tasting spree. There were a couple of tents set up all sampling different wines. I believe it was one of every type that they make. Of course Richard and I went straight to the tent were you could purchase a bottle. We already had our favorite picked out. Then back to our blanket. The evening was full of good music, kids dancing and playing, BBQ food from the only food tent (the line got crazy!) and lots of good wine. At 9:30 they set off a display of fireworks that left everyone in uproarious applause. 30 minutes of bright explosions, loud bangs, and more beautiful sparkly dripping fireworks than I have ever seen. The sparkly ones are my favorite. I love it when it looks like it is raining copper. I think that this is going to become a tradition for us.

Notes from the MS front:
After the drinking last night I took precautions to avoid a hangover. Well I didn’t have a normal one. I had and still have actually what I am now referring to as a MS Hangover. I didn’t feel nauseous. I didn’t get a headache. However, I have felt like I got hit by a truck all day. Just very tired, crazy dizzy, and it is taking my eyes a ridiculously long time to adjust when I look around. You know, you are looking at one thing and you are fine, you can see clearly. Then someone calls your name and you look over at them. You grab the nearest solid object (or what you are praying is a solid object) because the world has started spinning and after it seems to straighten out it still takes you a couple seconds to figure out who or what the hell you are looking at. I think that this occurs because of the combination of the heat and the alcohol. Not that last night wasn’t absolutely worth it. But having plans the next day is a spectacularly bad idea.
On other MS fronts; I got my test results back from the Tysabri antibody test. Seems I haven’t developed any yet. Yeah! So at least 6 more months of Tysabri. Wonder how long I can keep this up.


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