Cognitive Issues 

10 Apr

Spinning to the Left!

Spinning to the Left!

Ok now that we know it’s definitely Vertigo…

So things have not been great. 😦

I haven’t been saying anything at my Neuro appointments or at my infusions when they ask me if anything is new. Cause technically it’s not new. Just worse. And I blame that on how I am living my life these days. I pretty much gave MS the middle finger and went back to living the way I want to. Busy most of the time. Always with plans. This is how I live. This is how I thrive. Unfortunately my MS disagrees with this attack on life. So I am full steam ahead for a week and then on the couch for a month. Uhg! At my last infusion I talked to some other MSers. 

I know. Hold the phone. Shocker! Janet talked to other people?!?!? I know.

But I found out that their are drugs for Fatigue. And of course I knew that there were drugs that helped you stay awake. Anyone who has ever pulled an all nighter for college or watched a movie knows this. But just for MS patients? I didn’t even think of this. So the research began. I looked up provigil. Seemed good. I looked up nuvigil. Seemed even better. Then I came across Ampyra. Seemed like it would solve the root of the problem. Not just the fatigue. 

So instead of calling, I just stopped by my Neuro’s office. That seems to have the best results. I got to talk to the “head nurse” who usually solves all of my problems. I really expected to leave with a prescription. 

But no….

She feels that my problem is not just my walking, she’s right, it’s more cognitive issues. Ampyra only solves walking problems. Which are minor for me. So she wants me to see my Neuro for more testing. So Friday I have an appointment with him. Supposably he will send me for cognitive testing. These should see just how bad my brain has gotten. 

I know that I have no new lesions. But before the Tysabri kicked in I developed lesions in the thought process section of my brain. And I forget stupid immediate things now. 


Not only can I forget my car/house keys/purse somewhere. But I will actually get into an argument with you about how I never had them in the first place!

And other stupid little things like that. 

Not to mention the inability to find the right word regularly.

Or loosing an entire day. 

Oh my god is it 10pm? What did we do today? You did what?!?!? Where was I? I was sleeping? I was sitting right there watching you? I have no memory of any of this. How is it Sunday night already? 

Yeah…..those are my weekends. 

I know that there are a lot of my fellow MS warriors out there that experience this same thing. You are reading this saying “Exactly.” 

But I’m freaking out!

I feel like I am loosing my mind.

So back to the Neuro I go. I just keep hoping that there is some way to make this better. Rearranging my life to fit this crap in is not something that I want to do. 😦

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