A bunch of randomness

14 Oct

The brain is not functioning on all cylinders right now. However, I wanted to share out some quick randomness that is floating around up there. Hope you enjoy. 

Random thoughts
– I wish that my Fitbit was tapped into my MS. That way it would understand that just running errands today hit my limit. Like a “spoonbit”, someone needs to invent this! And when you hit your limit it shocks you so that you know to go take a nap!

– The left side of my body has decided to revolt. Bastard! It feels like I have a full arm weighted sleeve on and the same on my left leg from knee down. 

– Today started out as an absolute nightmare. I woke up at 3:30am with an insane migraine. I stumbled to the kitchen and took an imitrex, then went back to bed. At 7am I decided it was time to give up on that working. I woke my boys up in the usual fashion. I’m such a lucky mom. I give them big hugs, even my ginormous 14 year old and a kiss on the cheek. To which they wrap their arms around me and tell me they love me. Again, so lucky! I tell them if they can be ready in 20 minutes I’ll take them to D&Ds for breakfast. Then I threw jeans on and stumbled to the living room couch after taking 2 excedrin. The boys were ready in 10 minutes. Shocker. The promise of donuts will do that. So I grab a large plastic cup, just in case I don’t make it, and we head out. D&Ds is thankfully really close to my house and set up more like a cafe. So we get our breakfast and settle into some comfy leather chairs. Conversation is always entertaining with my boys. We are doing a relay for life tonight and I was trying to convince them to wear tutus. They refused. 😦 even after I told them I found some in camouflage green. Sad times. They also said I wasn’t allowed to get one for their father. They ruin all of my fun. 😉 Then when I was dropping my little one off at his school the principal was in the car line with a sign that said “Folwell’s future is Bright! Flash your lights for a Bright future!” To which of course we all did. So all of these things turned my crappy morning around really fast. I am so grateful for that. It is always the little things. 🙂


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4 responses to “A bunch of randomness

  1. bbhwithms

    February 15, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Believe it or not, just YESTERDAY I was talking to Shawn and my kids about getting a fitbit and one of them made a similar comment – that I would need to get a “disabled Fitbit” so that it would know that my goals are lower. I was thinking of getting one mainly to try and track my sleep. My 18 yr old got one for xmas and that is the sole reason he uses it. My thought was that MAYBE I would see a correlation between nights when I was restless (and maybe didn’t even know it) and bad pain days following. I already know that when I am tired, the pain is worse, but maybe there are times when I think I slept well but actually didn’t. Who knows…it’s all a “magical” guessing game with this “fantastical” disease;)

    Hope you are well!
    Meg (aka

    • Janet DiFolco

      February 15, 2017 at 2:18 pm

      Meg, I totally hear ya! I did exactly that. So my sleeping is much better. Of course I thought it was good already, I was wrong. So I started changing my behavior based on days that my Fitbit said I had bad sleep. With this adjustment I started having more good days. Good days feel like the sun has come out after a month of rain. It’s amazing! Good luck!

      • bbhwithms

        February 15, 2017 at 2:22 pm

        🙂 Although I always swear that I do not “DO” New Year’s resolutions it seems that I did actually make one for this year – as I am now on a journey to try and get on top of the pain – which has become chronic and annoying as all hell. I have begun trying Cannabis and CBD oil in different forms and strains to see if I can find relief and figured looking into the sleep thing might just be another step I can take:)

      • Janet DiFolco

        February 15, 2017 at 2:25 pm

        Sounds like a perfect New Years Resolution to me! I hope that the sleep monitoring helps!


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