Who needs sleep?

20 Sep

I remember a very brief time in college that I was very depressed. It was horrible and lonely and there was absolutely no excuse for it. I have always had a wonderful, charmed life. Yet there it was. Favorably is not exactly how I looked back at that time. I have a tendency to joke about it. I was at my thinnest back then. Who doesn’t want that? I wasn’t eating & I went for 7 mile walks every day. Healthy, I know. The walks were my happy place. On the boardwalk in LongBranch. The beach can do wonderful things to ones psyche. And when you have sleep ready to enfold you in it’s velvetty darkness, who needs food?

These days, however, it’s a different story. I am finding myself looking back at that time with a tinge of jealousy. That was when I had the best sleep of my life. 

I could sleep at any time of day. I never had a problem sleeping through the night. I could have easily slept through an entire day. Hell, I could have slept through an entire week! 

Then, there is now.

Now I can’t sleep through the night 2 nights in a row. I’m lucky when I get a full night of sleep multiple nights a week. When I do finally get a great night of sleep, I wake up knowing that I will pay for it the next night. 

Maybe I used up all my sleeping back in college. 

I read on the numerous MS feeds that I follow that lack of sleep is common with us MS warriors. Why is that? We are tired most of the time. You would think that at night we would sleep! But no. I go to bed early because I’m tired and then I wake up in the middle of the night. Wide awake. Writing a blog. I just don’t see the correlation to the holes in my brain. We work harder all day, every day, to do things that healthy people take for granted. Like showering. 😦 This should make us more tired. And it does! I could take a healthy 20 minute nap after I shower. Every. Time. Of course, no one has time for that. So why doesn’t our body just store up that fatigue so that we can use it at night? Instead we have to take naps during the day, just to make it through. We should be able to skip the nap and sleep through the night. I am sad to tell you though, this is not how it works.

A little while ago, when I was having really bad toe cramps, I understood the non sleeping. You can’t sleep when you are in pain. I get that. A lot of us go through having chronic pain, or just inappropriate outbursts of it at inappropriate times. Like when we should be sleeping. That makes sense to me. However, right now I have no pain. Just irritation. 

I would hate to have to add yet another pill to the pile. I believe that it is now time to go back to the research. How can I (Don’t shoot me for saying this. I’m already cringing internally.) naturally & holistically find a way to get better sleep? 

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