18 Mar

20/25 20/30
Can you believe it?!?!
I get excited that I can tell there are letters. Honestly, I get excited that I can see more than just a large white square! But 20/30? That’s nuts! It’s a miracle!

Yeah, so today was my follow up visit with the eye doc. I haven’t been wearing my contact as often as I should. So I walked into this appointment not expecting much. I certainly wasn’t expecting my vision to be even better than last time. Only by 2 lines, but wow! 

The Doc said that it probably won’t get better than it is now because of the nature of the scar. To which I said, um, I went from 20/260 to 20/30. That’s a miracle. I’m good! 

Of course there are slight set backs. There is so much more visual stimulation when I have my contact in that it really wreaks havoc with my brain. I’d say it cuts my spoon supply in half. 

*If you don’t know what that means read this; Spoon Theory.”

It is still totally worth it for me to wear it though. With it in I have normal vision. I am still getting used to using my right eye. It feels very unnatural. When something comes into my field of vision on the right side it still freaks me out. Depth perception is no longer my friend. I was so used to only using my left eye, I had adjusted. But now that I’m using my right eye I can’t judge distance. Then I take my contact out and my brain keeps using my right eye and I feel like I’m blind. So mental adjustments need to be made. It takes a little while either way right now. I’m afraid that with more frequent use I’ll really have problems when I don’t have the contact in. 

But just like Tysabri this is my momentary band-aid and I’m loving it! 

Normal vision. Ha! I love it! 


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