#5 Someplace that I have never been, but would like to live.

11 Nov

Entry #5I am giving up on the dates. It seems impossible to have time to write everyday.
Somewhere I have never been but would like to live.
For a short period of time, I would pick one of three very non specific places. It would either be New Zealand, Ireland, or Switzerland. Three places that I would absolutely love to visit. 

It would need it to be a place that forces me to slow down. Somewhere that I could disconnect from all of the stressful things in my life and refocus on what really matters. 

My newly found time would be spent reading, writing, and spending more time outdoors. A small village, a hut in the woods, something like that would be perfect.

There would have to be lots of chances for outdoor craziness. Hang gliding, climbing, trails, zip lines, horses, maybe some sky diving or bungee jumping. I need more adventure in my life. “I want to see Mountains again” quote from Lord of the Rings. 

Also, living in a small town for 10 years has taught me to value my anonymity. Which here I don’t have. So I’d like to live somewhere that no one knows who I am. However, still in a small town. So I guess I’ll have to leave after they all know me, since I’m not really good at flying under the radar. Or stick with the hut in the middle of the woods idea. You can’t imagine how appealing that sounds.

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