November 3rd : First Love/First Kiss

03 Nov

I did not like this one. 😦 Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

November 3rd – First Love/First Kiss

I feel like answering this question is going against everything from November 1st’s entry.

So I am skipping the walk down memory lane.

What I would like to say instead is how much I love my life right now. My husband….what can I say about that infuriating wonderful man? He is my rock. Through all of the physical drama that I have had to deal with he has been there for me. I know that it has been difficult. I make nothing easy. And when there is something wrong with your significant other it feels like there is something wrong with you. Me being diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease has been very rough. I have always been the rock. Now I’m the soft squishy one that needs at least one couch day a month, sometimes two. Rich has stepped up to this challenge.

But my life is not all this disease. I am involved with quite a few fantastic things. When I need my husband, who has a very demanding job, two actually, he is always there for me. Watching the kids because I have meetings, cooking dinner, cleaning the house. I literally can count on him for anything. I have a partner in this world. A real honest to god partner. Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky to have been able to hold on to him.

So sure there was a first love. And it was great. As all first loves when you are a teenager are. But I have a family now. I have two beautiful, smart children and a husband that would do anything for me. I don’t need to look back. I’m too busy living in the moment and enjoying what is right in front of me.

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