26 Jul

The insurance battle is over.

I gave up.

It was not fair to myself to continue to have bad vision just because my insurance company and my optometrist could not communicate well. So I said Fuck It! I just bought the contact. $300 dollars worth of glass that sits nicely on my index finger. Ugh!

My contact was due to arrive two Tuesdays ago. It hadn’t. I hadn’t heard from them. So that Wednesday morning I show up at the office. Turns out my special order contact was on back order. I’m not really sure how that works since it was never just sitting on a shelf waiting to be shipped. The office said that they would guarantee it would be in in a week. I said good! Make my pick up appointment now. So now I’m leaving the office with my appointment to pick up my lense for next Friday.

This is the lense that will make it so that I can see. The lense that will make it so that I can see like a normal human. So that my brother can no longer call me cyclops. So that my right eye goes from 260/20 vision to 30/20 vision. Which is actually better than my good eye. So that I don’t have to use my 12 year old as my copilot on long drives because I can’t read street signs until I am on top of them. This is the lense that is going to make it so that I can see who is waving at me from 10 feet away. The lense that will make me be able to see for the first time since I was 7 years old!

So…… This past Friday when I had my appointment, I tried to not get too excited. I tried not to think about it at all. Or I only focused on the fact that I am going to have to touch my eyeball twice a day now. A prospect that is terrifying to me. 

Well, it turns out that “someone” (harsh sarcasm) ordered the wrong prescription. Can you believe it?!?!?! Thank goodness I didn’t get my hopes up! Now they have decided that I should use this lense as a practice lense. They are ordering the correct lense and it will be in in 7-10 business days. I said No! It will be in in 7 business days! I’m not paying for anything extra! And how could you be so freaking incompetent?!?!? 

Here I sit in my new but wrong contact. Despite the fact that it is the wrong prescription there is a happy silver lining. There is no discomfort what so ever! I have actually had to turn to my husband and ask him if it is still in b/c I can’t feel it. And clearly it is not helping my vision. My biggest problem is the putting it in and taking it out. But I figure if I could get used to giving myself a shot every day, I can get used to this. Today is officially day 3 of wearing it. I am up to 7 hours of wear time. They gave me a whole sheet on how to start using contacts. There is a schedule to get your eye used to wearing one. I get to up the usage by an hour every day. By the time that my correct lense comes in I’ll be up to just wearing it all day. 

Let’s all now keep our fingers crossed that it comes in on time and correctly because I leave for vacation in 2 weeks!

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