Silver lining

18 May


I’m always talking about what the silver lining is in a situation. Unfortunately recently I have forgotten about this. 

There was a situation recently where the end result was what I wanted to happen. However, I got hung up on how it happened. Even though the opposition did not win with their attack against me, they won in the fact that I let it get to me. 

So, and I’m sad to say 2 weeks later, I am comfortable with saying that both sides fought a good fight. 

There is a lesson in everything and maybe with this one that is the silver lining. The fact that the outcome was favorable for me was not a shock, since what I was asking was only common sense. I don’t see the outcome as a silver lining. I see it as me doing my job.

The lesson is that people will take anything you do, say, or care about and try to turn it against you. Be careful with how much you tell people. Do not always be an open book. These are very hard things for me to remember. Now I will try harder though. Hopefully without turning into a horrible cynic. 

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Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Life with MS


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