Filter? What filter?

10 Mar

I have to say that my biggest problem right now is that I don’t seem to know when to shut my mouth!

Screw the fact that (and be for-warned this is weird) my right butt muscle vibrates whenever it feels like it. I am so sick of checking to see if it’s my phone. 

Or the fact that my toes now choose to cramp all night long. That’s fun. Who needs sleep?

Then there are the die hards. My left foot and it’s inability to listen to my brain telling it to raise higher than the ground. My left arm/hand weekness. And of course the dizziness and fatigue.

Or this headache that’s on day 4!

But it’s the filter issues. I didn’t have a good filter to start with. Now I can barely control the crap that spews from my lips. 

Imagine for a second being lectured by your child’s second grade teacher about the fact that he misbehaves in class because you don’t provide any structure at home. Then remember that you are me. Then remember that you are me with a faulty filter!!!!! 

Yesterday was very interesting. Not so much for me. I’m always thinking these things anyway. But for the people around me. For the people that are now subjected to my mouth. Do I feel bad for them? No. I feel bad for me, because I sit up all night (holding my cramping toes &) kicking myself for not shutting my mouth. Seriously what trouble have I gotten myself into? Hopefully none.



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Posted by on March 10, 2015 in Life with MS


One response to “Filter? What filter?

  1. Anne Miglin

    March 10, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    You don’t have to have MS to have filter issues!


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