My first BOE conference

30 Oct

Ok, while I have a gazillion things to say about this conference I am going to try to keep my comments to my MS challenges.
Let me start by saying partying until midnight and then agreeing to meet for an 8am breakfast is NOT a good idea. I made it, because I’m a trooper. But I could have slept all day.
My Superintendant kept mentioning that he was going to try to squeeze in going to the gym. THE GYM!!!! I was like, didn’t we just walk like 30 miles?
No, seriously like 30 miles.
And the only shoes that I brought are heels. Giant heels. I am actually having dreams about flip flops.
The conference center itself is like 3 football fields long (probably a slight exaggeration). To which, each of my classes has been on opposite sides of the building.
So add to the ridiculous walking in heels the fact that I have borrowed the next 2 months worth if spoons. Now you have my brain picturing me falling flat on my face every time there is the slightest hick up in the flooring. Luckily so far there have only been slight stumbles. You know, the left foot just forgot to come all the way off the ground. I keep walking, shake my head, and say “really?!?” Under my breath. I swear my body and I do not always get along.
Other than my walking and the obviously ensued fatigue, is my filter issues. And let me just tell you that having a filter around these people would have been nice. But hey, secrets? What secrets? Clearly I have non of those.
At the end of the day, or 3rd as it may be, this was a great experience. It seemed that it was a highlight to everyone that I met that I have only been on the board for a week. Talk about forced immediate bonding. I’m not sure if I am now going to be more nervous at my next meeting, or less. All I know is that I am still excited as hell that I am having this opportunity.

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Posted by on October 30, 2014 in Life with MS


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