05 Oct

Ok, so first, my little brother and his wife are awesome!

They had their now annual Oktoberfest. Which was awesome. Lots of beer, brats, and hysterical company.

But I have to make a quick note about my one MS moment where, for the first time I didn’t mention to the world that I have MS. It felt like a really proud moment.

Setting the scene;

We were in the kitchen. I had just made some new friends that were like I cloned myself. 🙂 Insert lots and lots of laughter here. 🙂 There were four of us. One of them came over to my side and wrapped her arm around my shoulder. So I matched the sentiment. Now one of my other new friends hands me my cup of coffee that I just made. So it’s full and hot. My only available hand is my left. UH Oh! Not to be rude, I take the coffee. The only way that I can hold a coffee cup in my left hand is if I hold the whole cup spending a lot of energy to use a squeezing pressure to keep it in my hands. Of course though, we have to remember that I am three sheets to the wind. The coffee was my attempt to sober a little before heading home (I wasn’t driving). “@#%$ that’s hot!” was only one of the things that came out of my mouth. So “friend that handed me the coffee” takes it back making fun of me and tries to hand it back to me with the handle. Also letting me know that that’s why they put handles on mugs.

My shining moment (that only I noticed, which is part of the shining part.)

Instead of saying

“oh, I’m sorry, I have MS and my hand isn’t strong enough to hold a mug by the handle.”

Which would start a whole conversation about MS and people looking at me with their sad eyes and at least one of them having an uncles friend or something that has MS. Then I would get that stor

I said

“I’m just used to holding the mug that way.”

To which I got “yeah everybody does, but it’s hot genius.”

So instead of horrible stories and sad looks I just got more laughter. I need to remember this moment and repeat. Rinse and Repeat!

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