03 Oct

This is what it means for me to live with MS.

Ok, gather your thoughts. Gather your thoughts. Yes, I’m talking to myself.

As expected September was a very busy month. And even though I was dreading it, and am still recovering from it, I loved it. Pre-diagnosis I was a very busy person. I have held down 2 full time jobs at the same time. There was the time that I had a job that had me working 60 hour weeks and I was still going to school full time. Oh yeah, and I got As. : ) But then it all ended abruptly. For my first year with MS I was on a medicine that wasn’t working and things went from ridiculous fatigue to I can’t feel my face. So busy Janet no more.
Believing that I can go back to the way that I was is crazy. It is a beautiful thought but, baby steps. So September was my baby steps. Maybe leaps. : )
Now I am slowly trying to keep myself decently busy on a regular basis. It seems that as long as I understand that occasionally I am going to need a week off, all will be good.
I have decided that instead of just dabbling at helping out at my kids schools, I am going to dive straight in and see what happens.
I literally just handed in my resume to be accepted onto the BOE. I am very nervous about next weeks interview, but I feel like a solid candidate. Scratch that, I feel like they would be hard pressed to find a better candidate than me.
There have also been numerous things at the actual schools that I now run or am a member of the board running it.
I am really excited about this. Hopefully everything works out in my favor.
My MS seems to be kept at bay while I am too busy to think about it. In the last month I felt mentally sharper than I have in years. So now that I feel that my week recovery was enough I’m ready to run right back out there.
My biggest problem now is going to be getting the wash done. HaHaHa!
Oh and the eye situation. But let’s not get me started on that right now.

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