Not what I expected.

08 Sep

Today was my eye doctors appointment.
I went into this appointment planning to get the green light for my Corneal Transplant Surgery. I even said to my husband, “Wouldn’t it be great if he said he had an opening and he could squeeze me in now?” He wasn’t as thrilled with that idea as I was. His response was “You know you don’t have to have the surgery.” UHG!

Well, I get there and the doc does all of the eye exams. The vision in my right eye still sucks. Left is great though! He then proceeds to talk about all of the dangers of having the eye surgery.

-it may not work
-transplanted corneas have to be replaced every decade or so
-my body could reject it
-the virus could still come back anyway
-my eye will never be as strong as it is now after a surgery, and I’m so young
-I’ll have to be on anti-rejection meds and eye drops for the rest of my life.

Ok. All of these things I can deal with. I’ve already mentally prepared myself for them anyway. So I’m just staring at him. I guess waiting for the other shoe to drop. Because I feel like he is trying to talk me out of it.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that I finally have a medical professional that isn’t like, oh yeah a Corneal Transplant is nothing.
But I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.
And it does.
And I almost start crying.

He wants me to try a contact again. Apparently they came out with a new one. Something called a Scleral Lens. It is wider and sits just outside of your cornea. He thinks that this one might help and be less painful than a traditional hard lens.
I hate this idea. I want to just cut it out and be done with it! This fact is apparently obvious on my face and in my demeanor. Maybe he can tell that I could start crying at any second.
Yes, I realize now that this is an absurd reaction.
Schneider (eye doc) points out all of the reasons that it would be better to be a contact lens wearer rather than a transplant patient.
I see his reasoning. But I am still too upset to accept this.
Oh and the kicker; insurance may not cover it. In fact as far as he knows, there is a very large chance that they won’t.
I then proceed to the contact lens office to find out what kind of costs we are talking about. Well, the fitting can be anywhere from $100-$300 and the lens itself can cost upwards of $800. So we are talking a possible $1K for a god damn contact lens. That may not even work in making my eye sight better.
Clearly I am still frustrated.
Rich is thrilled. He found door #2.
Now if he can just find a way around paying for it. Otherwise I might win and we could just go straight for the surgery anyway.
$1K for a contact lens !

Right now we are running with this new plan. Well, Rich is running. I am walking very slow and dragging my feet. But I have an appointment for my contact fitting on the 23rd. And we will be talking to the insurance company about prices. I guess we will see what happens.


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