07 Aug

First, I was disappointed the surgery didn’t happen until like the last 5 seconds of the show.
Not that I don’t like the show anyway, but Ah the waiting!
And again, all it did is reinforce the doctors point of view. The surgery is not a big deal. It’s just an in and out procedure. Less involved then when I had my tubes tied (seared together, you know potato, po-TA-to).
So yes excuse me for thinking that cutting out part of my eye and sewing in another persons seems like a big deal to me. Jeeze!
That aside…..
For some reason the idea that I would be in pain never occurred to me. I don’t know why. Of course something like this will hurt. It’s not like the eye doesn’t feel pain.
*ok I don’t actually know that for sure and I think that I have always been secretly hoping that there are no nerve endings/pain receptors on the actual eye ball itself. (Holy run on batman) Maybe it is the skin around the eye or the brain behind it.*
But, eye pain is something that I am all too familiar with. That pain and any form of migraine/headache. Yeah those are my go to pains. So why did I feel so blindsided by this?
Ok, rant over. Some things are better to get off of your chest and then move on. I won’t let anything derail me from actually having this surgery.


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