Freaking Out

03 Aug

Writing this from my bed. 😦

Only momentarily. The brain is swimming. My left leg and arm are supper tired. I’m not really sure why. I certainly haven’t done anything today to warrant being tired. But as all of us MSers know it doesn’t have to be from today. And I definitely have not been taking it easy this summer.

Man have I been having fun! Kayaking with the boys, horseback riding, 4 mile walks to Starbucks. 🙂 It has been one adventure after the next this summer. Of course I don’t want to slow down. Who would? But right now my body is yelling at me. So in-between wash and straightening up the house, I am resting.

I am listening to some Piano Guys for motivation to not take a nap. Although a nap is exactly what the doctor would prescribe right now.

I just wanted to vent really quick.

I am dreading September. Seriously dreading it. I would like to skip it and go straight to October. I have my eye surgery in September. Which I am trying really hard to not freak out about. So why the hell did I agree to do all of this shit for the schools? I am now on the PTA board at the one school that I don’t even have a kid in. What the hell was I thinking? AND I am running that school’s book fair. IN SEPTEMBER! Second week of school to be precise.  Then there is running PTO membership for the little one’s school. Which of course happens in SEPTEMBER. Let’s also not forget the parenting classes that I help run that of course they want to get started right away. Thank goodness I’m just one of 5 for that one.

Oh and how could I forget that it is also my son’s 12th birthday? So yeah, there’s that. Scratching my head as I’m writing. 😦 So does anybody live near NJ and want to take over some tasks for me? UHG!!!!

I hate to say it, but I think that I am going to have to scale down my son’s b-day party this year. I hate to do that, especially since I know that his friends look forward to it every year. But something has to give right? ….. I say that, but you know I won’t. You know that what is going to give is going to be my ability to stand up straight without a wall to lean on or the ability to string together a coherent sentence.

There have already been so many things that I have had to turn down running, or even just helping with. This is definitely not a trend that I ever wanted to start. I wish that all MS did was take away they ability to move a muscle, or almost any of the other symptoms. But the fatigue and the fact that fatigue brings all old symptoms back is BullShit!

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