25 Jun

Today I got a completely new nurse. The IV is in my right hand. Never my favorite, but with a new nurse it was wherever she felt comfortable. Hopefully this time I can avoid the two week black and blue like last time.
The person to my left is listening to opera with out headphones. And someone else has a talk show on their tv. So headphones in with my Piano Guys I am writing this blog.
I realized this morning that I may seem a little strange when I first get here. Like I have OCD or something. I arrange my little area. I have an exact sequence to how I do things to get ready. And I’ve been doing it for almost 3 years. It ‘s only days like today, when I had to come at a different time, that I even notice. Since today I am surrounded by new people who my paranoia says are watching me behave oddly. Ah well, time to put my feet up and read my book. My chair is particularly comfy today. 🙂

Oh first I want to add something that is now very important to me.
Yesterday I watched Jason DaSilva’s “When I Walk”. It was really good. It is a documentary by Jason, about Jason. He was diagnosed at 25 with Primary Progressive MS. I have never seen anybody else go through dealing with MS before. The fact that it was PPMS and that he is so young really caught me. It was a very good show. I highly recommend watching it. Even if you aren’t one of my fellow MSers or family/friends of any of us.

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