30 May

I am always saying how important the right nurse is. Maybe it is actually more important to realize which are the wrong nurses.
The main nurse at the infusion center has always scared me. I just had my
33rd infusion. (I know, can you believe it?) Many times while I was there this nurse would be with a patient starting an IV. I would hear how she couldn’t get a good vein and kept trying over and over again. I have heard, after she had the IV in and the Tysabri drip started, that it was just pooling under the skin and the needle wasn’t actually in the vein. Now thankfully she has never missed with me. Every time I get her (they all ask this) she says where would you like it? I always say whatever you are most comfortable with. Because at this point I ‘m freaking out that she is the nurse that is doing the IV. And it’s not like I can ask for a different nurse. She’s the only one there. Well, this last infusion I had an appointment with my Neuro while hooked up. So I had to be more specific about my needle placement. I knew that they would have me do the peg test and the hand strength test. I was concerned about having the needle in my hand, which is where this nurse seems most comfortable placing it. So after searching my veins for an acceptable one, a never before used vein on the under side if my arm was chosen.
She got it on the first try. I always mentally celebrate a little at this point. After the infusion, once the needle was out, my arm hurt a lot. And this is what it still looks like 3 days later. Fun times people. Fun times.


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Posted by on May 30, 2014 in Life with MS


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