Not so quick medical update

01 Apr

Yeah! I’m back in the chair!
My favorite nurse isn’t here. What can you do? I’ll take the good with the bad.

So quick medical update. I have another eye doctor appointment today. As well as my infusion which I am currently at. So I am going to end up spending a lot of time on the road. Why can’t all of my specialist be closer to my house? I should have just taken the kids out of school. Because while the docs are no where near where I live they happen to be down the road from each other. Ah, well, I’m trying to be a good mom. It’s a good thing I like driving.

They took more blood today. I’m being tested again for the JC Virus antibodies. Keeping our fingers crossed that it is still negative.

On the eye; I’m not sure what the last thing I said was. The beast has gone back into it’s hole. However, while the medicine was attacking it was also preventing my eye from healing. The doc put me on super strength “visine” type drops. Apparently there was now just a giant hole in my Cornea where the beast was taking up residence. The last time that I went to the doc he said that it had healed 95%. 95%! *said with exasperation” “so come back in 2 weeks”
I was like “doc, this is costing me $30 every time that I come. Can’t we just say that it is 100%?”
Then I got the “well don’t you want to be sure so that we can schedule the surgery?”
Yes. Fine.
So I am headed back there today. Hopefully I am at 100%. Then we can start scheduling things for the surgery. Doc said a meeting in September to make sure that all is still well with my eye. Then I get put on the transplant list and I just have to wait for an eye to become available. Yes, I know what that means. I am actually waiting for someone to die. They say that it’s not like waiting for an organ though. I can use anyone’s. There are no compatibility issues because there are no blood vessels in the cornea.

I told my little brother that after the surgery he is going to have to stop making fun of me. No more cyclops jokes. He said oh no, now a whole new possibility of jokes come up.
“I see dead people!” As he is cracking up.
I can’t win.

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