Fairest by: Gail Carson Levine

31 Mar

Fairest is written by the same author as Ella Enchanted. This fact made me very leery about reading it. While Ella Enchanted was a cute story, it was not one that I ever wanted to repeat. To be totally fair though, I only saw the movie, I did not read the book. And as we all know the books are almost always better.

This happens to be a book that I picked up at my sons book fair. The biggest problem with running/helping out with these events is the amount of money you end up spending on books. Or at least for me it is. I can’t help it. I’m surrounded by books, I read a little bit on my down time, and I’m supposed to just leave it there? Never to be finished? Especially when it has a $1.99 sticker on it?

Yeah that doesn’t happen. I buy them. Much to my husband’s chagrin. I spend almost as much on books as he does on electronic toys. Or what I consider toys. Alright, not really. These toys of his are very expensive.

Ok back to the book;

Fairest is obviously a fairy tale. It is a lesson to little girls everywhere that even ugly girls can get the prince. LoL! There is no point in this book where the main character feels like she is even the slightest bit pretty. She is an orphaned girl left at an inn in a fairy tale world where everyone is beautiful, except her. The Inn keepers keep her and raise her as one of their own along with their other children. She always knows that she is not actually their daughter. She figures that she is abandoned by her birth parents because she is ugly. There are times in the book that she is likened to an ogre.

Of course there is a plot twist or two. She ends up in a castle. There are magical mirrors and princes. My favorite part was the Gnomes. In any book that I have ever read characters with the characteristics that these possessed were referred to as Dwarves. So that threw me off. I love that they live in the mountains though. Not outside and on top of the mountains, but IN the mountains. Lots of large cavernous rooms and so many tunnels that you could easily get lost in them. Also precious gems are so common to them that they are everywhere. It sounds lovely.

And yes I understand that I got totally wrapped up in a book that is meant for 11 year olds. I feel that I missed out as a child though. I was never one of those little girls that loved princesses and dolls and make-up/dress-up and what not. I was the girl that couldn’t put down a horror book or a murder mystery. I also loved any book where mythical creatures lived in tiny spaces. That last one is a little strange and still kind of an obsession of mine. So these overly girlie books are new to me. Yes I finished this book in half a day. But it was a good half a day. And feeling the way I have recently, it doesn’t seem to be a bad way to pass the time. It was that or the wash. 🙂

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