Good Day

21 Feb

You know that song? The one with the line “You don’t know you’re high until you’ve been low”? Well, truer words have never been spoken. And since I feel “low” most of the time, the “high” is incredible for me! Today I have been dancing and singing around my house cleaning up a storm. Literally. An awesome storm rolled through. There is nothing like a good thunderstorm when you are feeling good to just make your day.

I am ridiculously excited about having the eye surgery. I still need to do more research. After my appointment this week though I have a little bit of knowledge:

  1. They sew the new cornea onto your eye. That sounds super scary.
  2. My Doc refuses to put me to sleep for the procedure. Oh and yeah I begged. Warned him that I may screw it up if I am coherent. He was confident that I would do fine. But again… SUPER scary. All they do is give you local anesthetics and a mild sedative. AAAHHH!!!! Ok, don’t think about it. The end result is too important!

I also realized another benefit. I could wear make-up. I know that that sounds strange, but try putting eye make-up on without looking. This is how I have to do my left eye. It never turns out good. So I just don’t do it. But when I have it professionally done for events I look HOT! So….. I’m excited about that. 🙂

At my last appointment the doc said that the virus isn’t gone yet. (I knew that) So he has me coming back in another 2 weeks. We are all hopeful that it will be gone by then. If it is then he is going to put me on a pill to make sure that it stays away for the next 6 months. Then we are hopeful for an August September surgery!!!!! It will be my birthday present. 🙂

Now I need to read up about recovery and what not.

Oh and other super good news? The surgery could/should totally cut the virus out of my eye! I may never have to deal with this again! *Insert me jumping up and down*

I decided that since we call MS the “MonSter” I’m going to refer to the virus in my eye as the Beast. That might make future blogs a little bit easier.


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