Eye Problems?!? What eye problems?

07 Feb

I was going to write yesterday, but I used up all of my spoons celebrating! 🙂

They doctor’s appointment went very well. I don’t know why I didn’t just go to him at first. I guess I just didn’t want to deal with it. I just wanted it over. How rare could this really be? I’m sure that anybody in optometry could help. I was wrong. I was so wrong. When I went to the first doc I even asked, “Well this is pretty common now, right?” And he said Yes. So I figured I was good.

Whith my specialist I asked the same question and he said no. I am still one of the few. The first guy just didn’t want to make me feel weird. TOO Late!

Any who. The doc has me on new eye drops. They are actually gels. Or at least he kept calling them gels. Which is a little scary. Since I am still putting it in my eye 5 times a day. Or rather I will be when it comes in. They had to special order it. “It’s not something that we usually carry.” Was what the pharmacist said. So I will be on these for 2 weeks and then it is back to the docs.

And then the most exciting news. The news that sent me for a celebratory coffee and a little bit of dancing in a Starbucks. After the virus is quiet for 6 months to a year I can get a new eye!!!!!

Ok so not a whole new eye. I will still be my beautiful brown eyed self. 🙂

I will be eligible for a cornea transplant.

Sure, sure, sure, that sounds scary. Or at least I think that that is what my mom kept saying while I kept jumping up and down saying “Yeah!” in hushed screams. 🙂

Ok that’s enough smiley faces for one blog.

I am really, really excited. I don’t even know what it is like to have normal vision in both eyes. It has been bad like this since I was 7. I actually have started to wonder if it will make a difference. Is my left eye compensating so well that I won’t notice? I don’t know. I keep closing the good one and trying to focus with just my right eye, almost to remind myself how bad it is. It’s bad. I remember a time that I used to do that while reading.

“If I close my left eye can I still read this page?” For a while I could. Now I absolutely cannot. It’s a miracle that I can tell there are black fuzzy uneven lines that are PROBABLY words.

HAHA! I can look out of my telescope with my right eye! I know that sounds like a strange thing to be excited about. I always feel like such a freak using my left eye for those things though. Cameras, video cameras. Oh and right now, I can’t see 3D. It is totally lost on me. It just looks like a normal movie. Or when people have the 3D papers or shirts. Nothing. I don’t see anything different. In Disney people are all like “Wwoo” when something “Flies out of the screen.” I will totally admit that I pretended right along. But there was nothing. But after the surgery I’ll see it!!!!!!

OK I am totally getting ahead of myself. First thing is first. I need to put the virus back in it’s little hole. Then I need to do some super research. I don’t want to be scared or nervous about this. But I want to be very well informed.



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