My momentary obsession

15 Jan

Ok so sometimes I get obsessed with a song.

Right now it’s “Beethoven’s 5 Secrets.” by The Piano Guys.

It’s just the way that it makes you feel.

I believe that in order for you to be able to consider it a good song, you need to feel it!

The tune can just absolutely sway you. (That sounds strange. But it’s really the strings that do it to me.) Then of course you have to turn up the volume until you can physically feel it. Which of course makes me yearn for summer when I can do that with my windows open.

This song makes you feel very introspective. As I feel most instrumental music has a tendency to do. There songs definitely are not background, listen while you read, kind of songs. You have to actually listen and get swept up in them.

If you haven’t ever heard of The Piano Guys you absolutely need to immediately go to YouTube and look them up.
For the first time it is essential that you watch one of their videos. With The Piano Guys, it’s not just the music. The visuals are just as breathtaking, awe inspiring, and amazing. The sweeping vistas that they use and the way that they use the piano and cello in ways that you just never thought of really adds to the music. I have the privilege of going to one of their performances in March. I’m not really sure what it is going to be like but I’m really excited to see how they bring in their visuals with the music when it’s in person.

My kids favorite is “Over the Rainbow”. All of the videos are so good that I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite. However “Angels we have heard on high” has my favorite videographers. 🙂 Check it out.

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