Fun Times

02 Jan

My vision is actually worse today. I was expecting the pain. I was expecting to have a hard time looking at anything other than a dark room. But I wasn’t expecting my vision to actually get worse. Usually I don’t even notice that my right eye can’t really see anything clearly. My left eye has always compensated for it. Other than it being a joke with my family I don’t really notice.

Today I notice. Is it possible that the scar is still growing? How much worse can it get than “encompassing” my entire eye? Will it have layers now? Scar upon scar?

Right now I am telling myself that it is just the eye drops. They must be the reason that my left eye isn’t compensating anymore. Right now if I close my left eye I can’t tell that there are words on the screen of my computer. Hell I can’t tell that there are keys on the keyboard. And honestly my big fear is that someone is going to tell me that I can’t drive anymore. Then I would be screwed. I will admit that right now I am a little bit terrified.

On Eye Drops;

I know that all kids are bad with medicine but when it came to eye drops I was a freaking disaster. That didn’t change much when I was 20 and this happened again. Now that I am older and have been through some slightly more strenuous crap it is not as big of an issue. Yesterday we had a nice fancy lunch with family and other town officials and what not before the big meeting. So I was out of the house for 5 to 6 hours. Not normally a problem. However I have to take my eye drops 5 times a day. I figured that’s about every 3 hours. And they have to stay at 30 degrees. So I threw some ice packs in a thermal bag and threw the eye drops in there and left it in the car. It helped that it was only 30 out. Then between lunch and the meeting I hopped in the car pulled down the visor and popped in a drop. Meanwhile my mom is just kind of staring at me. Possibly with her jaw dropped, I can’t really see. Then she says wow I can’t believe that you just did that without even flinching. I told her after having to give yourself a shot everyday for a year, eye drops are nothing! So see, something good came out of that. 🙂

They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Well my body seems to be using me as an example for that phrase. I just hope that I can continue to keep up.

Oh and probably at least one entire blog worthy, I have news. My husband was appointed Mayor of my town last night. I am very excited for him/us/the entire town. I feel big things coming. I could not be more proud. 🙂


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