MRI results are in

20 Nov

I have what people are telling me is good news. It doesn’t feel like good news. But I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

I had my follow up with the Neuro on Monday. My left hand is still a little weak. The doc was very happy about the strength returning to my left foot though. My MRI showed no new lesions on my brain but still showed an old lesion on my cervical spine. He saw this as great news. That means that the Tysabri is working. He was very disheartened when he noticed that I was having problems. Join the club right? So Tysabri is still the super star. He told me that the old lesion that is at this moment still causing problems is in the T4 region. I nodded and pretended that I knew what that meant. When I got home I jumped on the computer to find out. T4 is the 4th vertebra down. The nerves in that area control all muscles from the abdomen and up. Which means it could not have been what was affecting my leg/foot. However it is what is affecting my left hand. That area also controls your  Bronchial Tubes, Common Duct, Gallbladder, Heart, and Lungs. So I guess that I should take solace in the fact that it didn’t affect any of those things. Maybe this is why I start feeling like I am having a panic attack when I am not panicking. But leave it to me to have a lesion in one of the few places that could actually kill me.

I know I know. Don’t stress. I can hear my husband yelling at me in my head.

Now, while the Neuro didn’t out and out say it, I believe that this lesion started acting up again because of stress.

I also now know that unless they did an MRI of my lower spine (the lumbar section) they wouldn’t know about my leg/foot. I bet that if they did that MRI they would find a nice big lesion in the L5 region. I guess that since the lesion was obvious without looking at my spine, why bother. It’s not like they can do anything about it anyway.

I still have the numbness on my arm, hand, leg, and foot. And the weakness in my hand and foot. It’s funny that the longer you are having the problem the easier it is to explain. At the Nuero’s when they had me explain how I was feeling I explained it so much better than last time that they wanted to know if I was having new numbness. I said no, I’ve mentioned it before. I’m just not panicky and cloudy right now. I like not being panicky and cloudy. It makes the world a nicer and easier place to be in. It’s frustrating that all it takes is the kids to upset me, ok anyone really, and I’m back in the cloud.

So yeah oh fun! All of this sounds like fantastic news doesn’t it?

I haven’t gotten the blood test back yet. They said that when it’s a study that is testing it, then it takes longer to come back. It could be another month. I’m not happy about that. Honestly though, it won’t make a difference. Now that I know that I don’t have any new lesions I’m not switching drugs. So if it comes back positive. I’ll just have them monitor my levels of antibodies. I’ll just have to make sure I am on top of my research about the JC Virus and what I should be looking out for. I am hopeful however that my results will come back negative and I won’t have to worry about any of this yet.

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