25 Oct

I finally got something that I have been waiting for forever from Noah’s school. Now I can finally do the mountain of paperwork that has been piling up. I know it sounds terribly exciting.

I am sitting here waiting for my meds to arrive. It seems very late at night for something like this. But hey as long as the meds get here before the nurse shows up to administer them I guess I’m good with that. She (the nurse) of course will be here at 9am tomorrow morning. I know 9am. What was I thinking agreeing to that. Now I’m backtracking in my head. Ok so I need to be up and dressed. That’s 8am. But I also have to eat breakfast because I’m not sure how long I am going to be sitting there with an IV attached to my arm. So lets back that up even further to 7am to play it safe. I do like my big egg breakfast on a Saturday morning. No fast bowl of cereal for me. So yeah 7am on a Saturday. I am not looking forward to this. At least it’s not as early as a week day. I still have that.

There is a possibility that I broke something in my right foot. I don’t know what. A toe the bone just after the toe, more than one of those things? I don’t know. I’m not sure how a broken bone feels. Having never broken anything before this is all a little new to me.

I am still baffled by how when I fell I only injured my foot. And mainly just my toes. How is that possible? My whole body went down. I don’t remember landing. The bruises however are saying that I simply landed on my toes. On the knuckles (do you still call them that on toes?). I’m not sure. All I know is that after spending a couple of hours on my feet the last 3 toes go numb. Does that mean that something is broken? I don’t know. They aren’t terribly swollen. I can still wiggle them. So then they must be ok right? Ah well, they will be eventually.

I have very little recollection of the last time that I was on Solu-Medrol. I can’t remember if there were side effects. I do remember being amused at reading that I should not try to gain any muscle. 🙂 It being a steroid and all. I also remember reading that it can make you gain weight. Yeah, I need that like a hole in the head. LoL or rather another one.

I am looking forward to feeling better by Monday night. I hope that it works that fast. I am already feeling better mentally. I think the key to that is not to think about the future. I have no crystal ball and it won’t do me any good to worry. So I fall in the 2.5% to have a flare up while on Tysabri. I was in a smaller percentile for marrying someone else with the recessent gene for cystic fibrosis. So I seem to be a magnet for crazy odds. Why let that de-rail the here and now right?

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