Losing Myelin

24 Oct

How can this be?

I need some vats of tar that I can light on fire and through over the wall!

I need Archers that can fight the assailants!

The wall has been breached!

How is it possible that the wall has been breached?

I am literally risking my life to have a wall up around my brain and spinal cord and that wall is faulty.


As I’m sure that you can now tell the doctors appointment did not go well.

All though I have to say that I have a whole new opinion of my Neuro.

He has never been the friendly, jovial, how is your day/life going kind of guy. It has always been down to business, don’t complain to me if you don’t really have anything to complain about. Plus he hates that I do my own research. Or did, I’m not really sure how he feels about that now that he is getting to know me better.

I said to him that I was feeling bad for wasting his time I know that he is really busy. (Which it turns out I was not wasting his time) I told him that I had been considering just going to my GP. There was the expected “No, No! If you are concerned about something you should come in.” I wasn’t sure that he meant it. But we did have a much more pleasant visit than we ever had and as he was leaving he opened the door back up and said “I’m glad that you came in.” That made me feel better.

Right now I feel like I need to breakdown a little though. Just a little decompressing. Maybe a couple of minutes of crying. Maybe later.

Well let me get to the meat and potatoes of it all.

I went for my appointment today. I passed the peg test with flying colors. Walked down the hall like a champ. Squeezed the stupid strength test thingy stronger on the right hand and just a little bit weaker on the left. But nothing to be concerned about.

Then it was into the exam room. My blood pressure was slightly raised, but again, I’m a little on edge. 🙂

I showed the doc the hole in my leg. It’s not as bad in the morning so I took a picture of it last night. He agreed that that’s not normal but he couldn’t seem to figure it out. Then he made me hold my legs straight and he did various strength tests on my feet and legs. Well it’s my left foot. I could barely hold against his pushing on my toes. Of course I almost killed him when he pushed against my poor bruised toes, but those where fine strength wise. It’s just from the knee down on the left leg. So even without the MRI he is convinced that I am in the middle of an exacerbation. Fun.

I am now going back on Solu-Medrol. Rich is going to be so thrilled to run my IV for 3 days. Then I have to take a steroid pill to wean off of that. Meanwhile I am being sent for an MRI of my brain and spine. Good times people, good times!

I have two fears right now.

One, how did this happen while I was on Tysabri? AH!


Two, how do I avoid falling again before the Steroids take effect? AH! again.


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